Journalism Lost in Crass Competition

All of us must be aware of the fact that a major calamity has hit the southern western coast of India. The disaster has officially killed more than a hundred people and has left more than 100,000 people homeless with little or no access to food, safe drinking water, shelter or medicine leaving the victims bereaved. The flood in the river Krishna shows no sign of rebating; with a more water shedding from the Prakasam barrage expected again in the coming few days. The government of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are overwhelmed in trying to provide succor to the affected people. The Non Governmental Organizations working in the state are also too small and incapable in providing any real relief to all the affected people.

It is deeply unfortunate and deplorable that the hapless people of the state, instead of getting any help, have been caught up by reprehensible politics being shown by the major political parties of the states .The clear mandate given to Congress in the recently held elections was vindication of the fact that inclusive growth is needed and is rewarded in our country. Turning a blind eye to the affected people will clearly not provide inclusive growth. Rather this vilifying act will impinge this growth some day in the near future.

It is deeply regrettable to see the media apathy towards the victims of the flood and it is appalling to note the stark difference in media coverage as compared to its coverage of the racial attacks in Australia, India loosing in 20-20 trophy. The media which was formed to inform the masses about the important activities held within their vicinity. But, they should be ridiculed as they too have turned into a capitalist set up, interested more in guising people by boasting about stuff which can look impressive and inquisitive but for a transient span. And keeping such sporadic events on priority they are brushing aside the news which is their prime concern, indeed, and news for which they were formed and have been given so many rights. The media has largely ignored the abject politics being played on this issue. The media can play a huge constructive role in bringing to light the tremendous scope of the disaster.

The poor people affected in this calamity need immediate help from the government represented by the state or the center. The government needs to provide help in the form of setting temporary relief camps providing access to basic amenities like drinking water, food and medicines. Furthermore, through the media these people can be emancipated via the help of awareness campaigns and funds collected from people through appeals. On the contrary what media is doing is preposterous, it’s dismal to see the media being more interested in monetary benefits either by publicizing scuffle of artists like Rakhi Sawant and other fake television proclaimed reality shows or concocting stories on one or the other bollywood celebrities.