Jurassic World: Where Angels Fear To Tread!


When you think of the Jurassic World, what image do you get? Do you see a wonderfully handsome environmentalist travelling through a time machine to a world of dinosaurs? Or do you instead,visualize a group of impish teenagers that happen to fumble through an island, “secretly” occupied by Carnotaurus’?  Well, let me confess, Jurassic World is nothing anyone would’ve foreseen; it is so much more.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, and performed in by Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and our very own-Irrfan Khan; Jurassic World is a ground-breaking film positioned in an alternate reality.

In a world where grounds-keepers tutor and nuzzle Velociraptors, scientists produce “varieties” of dinosaurs more dangerous than dinosaurs themselves, and siblings can’t decide whether they are on vacation or combating morbid breeds- Jurassic World is bound to strike you dumb.

Starting off with a mother bidding adieu to her two boys, it takes us on an exhilarating voyage through this theme park – inhabited not only by people, but dinosaurs too. With a genetically modified and literally “grave-digging”, Indominus Rex breed dinosaur on the loose, it is now up to a Velociraptor trainer- Owen Grady- to save this world from complete destruction. This 8-species breed, sure, has a lot of blood on her hand – including her own sibling’s; she however, couldn’t care less.

Apart from the fiery action in the film, this possible fondness developing between the 2 co-stars will undoubtedly entertain you amidst the ferocity.

Being the “fiction-lover” that I am, I felt that this movie met my expectations and so much more. Having a stimulating and catchy storyline, an impeccable and gifted cast and a picture- perfect setting along with remarkable visual effects, I am certain this movie would capture the interest and minds of millions as well.

For the most part, I personally believe this film is and will remain an all-time favorite; it is not only worthy of heaps of acclamation, but also rightfully deserves a place in every person’s CD collection.

Meghna Gupta

Image Source: The Viewspaper