Just a doll


Blue eyes and rosy cheeks,
Jet black eye lashes and flowing blonde hair,
Delicate like a flower and serene like an angel.

Just like a doll.
I cast away your gloom
with just a curve of my lips,
I sit with you for hours
Cloaking you away from loneliness.

Push the button, here I dance.
Turn the key and I am your agony aunt.

Oh just like a doll,
Not of plastic but of flesh and blood,
I can make you feel heady,
With just a strong kiss.

I can steal your sleep,
With just a sway of my hips.

I can paralyse you,
With the gentle thudding of my heart.

Just like a doll?


I can also rip you apart.

Break you.

Slaughter you.

For I am not just a doll.

I am not to be played with.


Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper