Just a Thought Away!

After almost 61years of independence our country is galloping at a reasonably good pace, but still there are so many grave issues that have been completely over – looked. These are issues that need to be meted out as soon as possible; however, they seem to have lost their hold in the thoughts of all and sundry

First, I’d like to cite the example our (in)famous Parliament. The law making body of our country is often cited as the perfect illustration of ultimate chaos and disorder. The Parliament has become the place, where the people who have been vested with ultimate power of the country flaunt their most indecent behaviour. These scenes are like that of a prime time saga and have been lately revised for the viewers during the trust vote session. And this sad plight instead of invoking severe measures has become the most often cracked joke of the country!

Another such example comes from our revered and much talked about politicians. While the U.S. brags of producing Presidents who are the alumnus of the finest universities, India can only speak of the criminal suits against its top politicians. Many of them have minimal academic qualifications to complement this too.

Next are our law preservers, the Indian Police. Our Indian police like any other bureaucratic department is almost synonymous with rampant corruption. The plight is so bad that lately the CM of a leading state rued,” My police force is corrupt”. The custodians of law and order in the country are often seen to disrupt the same. Not many people in the country like to indulge in any affair which involves police intervention.


These issues are much talked about to the extent of being the favourites of so many writers. But, my point in raising them is that the root cause of these problems is that all of us have become too casual in some way or the other. Undoubtedly, our country is undergoing radical changes in many spheres, but I strongly feel these things have become an evident part of our system and all of us seem to have to have accepted them . But, we must not continue with this attitude. While the government should take stern measures to bring about requisite changes, it’s our responsibility too to do our bit by minding our actions and sometimes even our jokes too. We should all start looking at simple things for greater solutions because the much required changes are just a thought away!

Srishti Gupta


[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lbpuppy/2595466344/]