Just Blog It

Blogging is suddenly the new sensation these days. From film stars to sports persons, from CEOs to the common man, each one is hooked on to this marvel of the internet. Blogging is nothing but typing down your thoughts either anonymously or as yourself on a website portal and letting others comment on it.

Like many other things, early bloggers did not have a name for what they were doing. While it took some time for the genre and the name to develop, blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet. Below is a history of early blogs in chronological order :

Dawn of Internet Time: Tim Berners-Lee at CERN begins keeping a list of all new sites as they come online.
June 1993: Netscape begins running it’s what’s New! List of sites.
April 1997: Dave Winer launches Scripting News. His company, Userland, will release Frontier, Manila and Radio Userland, all website and blog content software.
Dec 1997: Jorn Barger coins the term web log.

November 1998: Cameron Barrett publishes the first list of blog sites on Camworld.
Early 1999: Peter Merholz coins the term blog after announcing he was going to pronounce web blogs as “wee-blog”. This was then shortened to blog.
Early 1999: Brigitte Eaton starts the first portal devoted to blogs with about 50 listings.
July 1999: Pitas launches the first free build your own blog web tool.
August 1999: Pyra releases Blogger which becomes the most popular web based blogging tool to date, and popularizes blogging with mainstream internet users.

(taken from www.blockstar.com/blog/blog_timeline.html)

Although blogging was earlier considered a tool for the recluse and introverts to voice their opinions (which they couldn’t do in the real world), today the who’s who of the world is blogging away to glory!

Blogging is also a cathartic experience for many who feel that they are not being judged or scrutinized by others as is the case in the real world. It is an outlet for one’s emotions, beliefs and one’s way of thinking. It is almost like a personal diary, the only difference being, it can be read by anyone whose chose to read it!

Blogs on the Internet are also a good source of getting information and sometimes they can even help you earn money! It is an effective way for like minded people to come together and share their thoughts on different issues and learn about the other people along the way.

However blogging has some side effects as well. Many bloggers turn their hobby into addiction and almost ruin their social life with their inability to differentiate between the real and the virtual world. Such people only find solace in the virtual world and find it very difficult to interact with others on a social level.

Lately, bloggers also seem to be using Internet as a platform to carp others and vent their personal resentment. A classic case of this is our film stars who have taken to blogging to merely criticize their colleagues and critics and wash their dirty linen in public rather than interact with their fans.

As long as blogging does not hurt others and one follows Internet etiquettes, it can be a great way of making new friends and reaching out to people from across the globe to interact with each other! So stop limiting your ideas in your mind only……blog it!

Abhimanyu Singh


[Image source:http://flickr.com/photos/cambodia4kidsorg/267060150/]