Justice Prevails?

justice1.jpgThe headlines of any leading daily highlight the news of justice being upheld. The pronouncement of the IPS officer, guilty of tampering with evidence in the Shivani Bhatnagar murder case, and justice being delivered has once again reaffirmed our faith in the judicial system in India. More often than not, we see and hear of cases that plead to be taken into account but they get by-passed , with little or no attention from the judicial bodies. Our faith in the judicial system always stands questioned, but, certain judgments, such as the Bhatnagar case, seek to retain our faith occasionally.

Every once in a while, there come up cases like the Jessica Lal murder case and currently, the Shivani Bhatnagar murder case where the victims get vindicated. But then, we tend to overlook, in the light of such victories, the time period taken by these guardians of justice. Is it worth the delay? The Jessica Lal murder case, for instance, created much furore and yet, the torment borne by her family for such a long time cannot be overlooked. Her parents were not even alive to see the enforcement of justice. How can we say with such surety, then, that justice prevailed?

Many cases like the Priya Darshini Matoo case, and the hit-and-run BMW case still stand pending, years after the actual incident took place. The judicial system seriously needs to revamp its structure to work in a more apt and proper manner. The loopholes of the judicial system cannot be overlooked in the face of a few victories (which, at times, are not completely victorious anyway).

Today, in the wake of new developments, the judiciary has evolved as a strong and mature body proving its worth. Yet, all these small victories come only when all hopes fade away. The victims and their families have to undergo excessive torture and have to struggle enormously to see the day of justice. The truth is that the victory that comes is often delayed and does not hold any true meaning.

The fact that media coverage cannot reach to every nook and corner of the country is another weak point, adding to the already never-ending list of weaknesses of the judiciary. Not all cases that lie pending make it to the news, often resulting in these cases being completely ignored. Therefore, justice is unable reach out to the many who have been crying out for it, sometimes, for decades.

It is true that the judicial system in India has upheld its stature and worked out how to properly dole out justice. Yet, millions still await justice. The cases of the minorities, the women’s question, and the issue of poverty are the areas which really need proper attention from the judiciary. We, as responsible citizens, should aim to work for the betterment of the system and not get swayed by the tiny concessions given to us in the form of such once-in-a-blue-moon victories. Today, the judiciary has carved out a niche for itself but the vision of creating a judiciary as the guardian of the citizens still remains a vision.

Dipti Tamang


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