Justifying your Existence

What am I doing? Not at the moment, but what am I doing here on Earth? Or why am I given this very existence is a thought that hardly crosses our minds because we are often too entangled in our busy schedules to discern the actual purpose of our life. Most of us are doing justifiable chores like going to a college for becoming employable, preparing for a renowned entrance exam, working in an organization or running a family. All these are necessary aspects of life but they befit the connotation – ‘Goal of life’?

Ironically, most of us encounter this detestable yet true fact that we are like an aimless ship with no goal, either in some grubby debate with our peers or in yet another heartbreaking condition and it is then that we realize how far we have drifted from what we ‘had to do’. The problem does not end there. We are drifting far apart from this ‘had to do’ with each passing minute, hour and day. But, what can come as a rescue is the goal, the trick lies in realization. The sooner you realize the goal of your life – the lesser time would it take to make that goal come true thereby fetching you your due quota of respect. But this is easier said than done. Why are you here after all – the very reason of your existence?

Irrespective of your belief or non-belief in having a purpose, just invest an hour of your lifetime to find it. There are countless ways of zeroing in on your individual purpose, but the simplest of them all is being optimistic that you will achieve what you want. If you believe it, it is.

What to do:

Hook on to your laptop. Just open a word page and type the phrase “the real purpose of my existence is…”. Now note down the very first reason that comes to your head. Keep repeating points unless such an answer is found that makes you cry. The one that makes you loose yourself in sheer ecstasy, joy, or passion is your purpose. Yes, that’s it! This is what you should have pursued but even if you were not aware of it till date – you still have all the time in the world.

The above can clearly be understood by the example of a legendary Indian playwright namely Kalidasa. Every story about him starts with a clear mention of his extreme stupidity. Once it so happened that a few wise men of his native kingdom were passing by. They observed that Kalidasa was sitting on a branch of a tree and was sawing it off. These wise men were on an errand to search for one of the stupidest men in the region for playing a trick on their princess. The latter had abused them and to seek revenge, these people thought of getting the princess married off to a stupid person on the pretext of his being extremely wise.

Thus, they found our protagonist to be quite a ‘fitting’ contender for the royal hand of the princess. They presented Kalidasa as a great sage with a silence avowal, who could communicate only through gestures. The princess grilled the sage and Kalidasa made several gestures. The wise men interpreted those gestures in such a way that made the princess believe that Kalidasa as the most knowledgeable man in the entire kingdom and married him. But soon she discovered the prank and lamented marrying a dolt. She kicked Kalidasa out of her palace. This ridicule made Kalidasa feel very low and he decided to commit suicide by drowning himself in the river. He observed at the river bank that the washer women who scoured and pounded clothes on the river banks had worn down the rocks beside the river. He thought, “if merely washing clothes can wear down something as hard as stone, surely my thick, numb, stupid mind can also be worn down.”

This was the biggest transformation, as afterwards the very same idiot became the most fluent and radiant poet in Indian history. His fame grew to such an extent that he is often referred to as Shakespeare of India.

Hence the conclusion is that find a satisfactory answer that can justify your existence as it would deeply resonate within you. Albeit, it would depend solely on you as to whether you want to be Kalidasa – an idiot or Kalidasa – the Greatest Indian Poet.

Kritika Malhotra

Image Source: [http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2490/3744968416_724c9ab4d7.jpg]