Kamaal R Khan Could Be Your Next Avenger, Read On!

April Fools'

We do not know what superpowers are, but if reports are to be believed, Kamaal Rashid Khan may star in the next Avengers flick. You read that right.

The actor, producer, ‘philanthropist’, ‘millionaire’ and critic, who is known for his foot-in-mouth tweets was spotted outside the Walt Disney Studios in California, with the likes of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, in a lacy green costume. According to stories surfacing in the international media, a particular tweet – in which he begged to be part of the Avengers’ world – was picked up by the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who was also tremendously impressed with KRK’s comic timing in his debut film Deshdrohi. So much that the man was called in for auditions as well. Phew, that is some progress.

So according to these reports, KRK will star in the blockbuster films – The Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. The transcendence from Bollywood to Hollywood cost him a lot. The man was warned about keeping a low profile on Twitter. He was also made to promise he would not ogle Scarlett Johansson, and would respect all women on the sets. After KRK promised to be on his best behaviour, he signed the contract. Apparently, he will have a face-off with The Hulk, wherein he will deliver a few lethal blows on the burly superhero using his pelvis.

Now, we know KRK has been a superfluous nuisance for long. But we cannot absolutely ignore the fact that man landed himself a role in The Avengers – a franchise everyone wants to be a part of. Come on, you people! We might just get to see him in a lacy costume. He will be warding off villains using the power of his pelvis. Oh, it will be a treat to the eyes.


Along with the Deepikas and the Priyankas, Kamaal R Khan too has joined the Hollywood bandwagon, and we must all be super proud. Psst, at least he will be off Twitter for a while.

We are very happy to see a reformed and improved KRK who has promised to be respectful of women. After his nauseating tweets and virtual altercations with the best of Bollywood, we hope the filigree costume will change him for good.


Happy April Fools’ Day!

You did not really believe us, did you? Just look at that man. He is a human joke. Everything about him is a gag. And we just wanted to laugh a little at his expense. Twitter may not be safe, people, but our Avengers are. And so is our world.

You survived this, congratulations!

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Prerna Mittra

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