Kaminey: A Movie Review

The Swine Flu scare couldn’t stop me anymore from catching a movie. The big screen and the butter popcorn tub were calling me out and quite loudly I must say. The mixed reviews of Kaminey sent me into a tizzy but Shahid Kapoor’s newly toned body and the catchy ‘Dhan te nan’ couldn’t hold me back for going for it irrespective of some of the negative comments I had heard.

Shahid’s entry as Charlie with his lisped words was enough for me to send into a round of hysterical laughter. Right from the first shot, the movie is fast paced and please ignore your mobiles completely for these two hours lest you miss out on some important scene and then you find it difficult to understand the plot. The movie is stark, funny and bold and that is exactly what works in its favour. We have seen Vishal Bhardwaj’s previous blockbusters and once again he proves his film making skills. The way he has chalked out Shahid’s twin act is nothing but exemplary.
How many times we have seen that twin bonding, one gets hurt so the other also gets hurt, their never dying love for each other so Vishal decides to break the cliché and presents to us twins who can’t stand each other. While one (Charlie) lisps, the other (Guddu) stammers. Very different from one another, their lives cross one fateful rainy night. None shows any brotherly love, after all they have their own priorities to take care of first. Shahid has been growing as an actor and though his performance in Jab We Met went unnoticed, this movie is going to push him into superstardom. He carries on his role and the movie effortlessly and the audience cannot help it but to be in awe of him.
The soundtrack of the movie is also commendable. The first song of the movie ‘Fatak’ promotes AIDS awareness. It is not very common in hindi movies to see such songs and moreover to watch the hero dancing as a big red condom. The song ‘Dhan Te Nan’ needs no introduction. The tune is jazzy and it lingers on. Once in few years such tunes come out which are capable of becoming a huge craze and this is one of those tunes. Chumma Chumma, Choli ke Peechey were hugely popular and this is set to surpass them also. Your heart beats faster and skips many beats whenever it is played in the background or when Shahid breaks into the song. Immediately you will find your hands trying to imitate its signature step. The other songs are also nice and hummable.
Amol Gupte, playing Bhope Bhai also deserves a special mention here. His constant rectification of Bombay as Mumbai and Jai Maharashtra make many bells ring in our minds and is a classic piece of political satire. Other villain, Tashi is also good. Ahem! The style and attitude of negative characters these days! Priyanka Chopra is hyper and average in this movie but her Maharashtrian accent is very good. But perhaps, she didn’t even have much to do except brag about her Home Science skills.
The twin brothers have their own reasons to run after money; while Charlie wants to open a booking counter in the race course, Guddu ends up in the troubled situation as the love of his love, Sweety (Piggy Chops) comes with a price tag in her french plaits. They find themselves drawn into the world of drugs, guns, police, gangsters, and wannabe politician. While the brothers run away from the meddlesome situation and from each other, they also realise what they feel for each other.
The movie has loads of attitude and is very hatke. If you are not watching it carefully and then don’t understand it, don’t blame the director for it. You don’t take Kaminey instantly, but it gets to you after about 20 minutes and then you start enjoying the settings, the characters, the lingo and everything about it. With so many characters, the story is revealed layer to layer, but the finale was a little tough. The end is violent, dark and hazy. Except the drag in the movie for the last 15 minutes, the movie keeps you on your toes. Vishal Bhardwaj is a great storyteller and I guess nobody except him would have been able to tell this story with such éclat. This movie is definitely set to keep the money counters busy and rolling for long. The hype associated with movie is completely justified. Just go and watch this movie (in case if you haven’t till yet) and till then xoxoxoxoxoxo to Shahid….

Shikha Tandon

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