Kanan And Kalyan: A Little Pretention Never Hurt Anyone


There is no limit to what two former Information Technology (IT) students turned stand-up comedians in their mid-20s can do. Shifting paradigms (and careers) is easier said than done; but Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath are here to prove us wrong. Generating biting reviews of terrible movies with astounding accuracy, they have landed upon on a dynamic goldmine.

Started three months ago, Pretentious Movie Reviews have become a huge online sensation in the country. Although just seven reviews old, the duo has more than two lakh views per video. Their forte is to create video reviews of the lesser known and lesser appreciated movies, explaining them with nothing but the truth. What is most enjoyable about their reviews is how they manage to scrutinize and split open the hidden meanings and place them on a plate, dashed with a handful of sarcasm and heaps of improvisation. These work as they justify everything with a bunch of recurring examples. Gill’s raw charisma and Kalyan’s poker face hooks the audience into understanding the plot of mind-numbingly overdone films. The videos are full of hilarious comments, occasional beeps, rib-tickling irony, visual effects extravaganza and iconic Bollywood-defying-logic melodrama.

Their recent review of Prem Aggan proves their humorous talent and a never dying love for Doge. The quality of these six minute clips is decent enough as they are recorded on Gill’s SLR camera stacked on top of a cupboard; the authenticity of video editing covers all flaws.

With over six thousand followers on Twitter, Kanan has a significant (female) fan following, which surely has nothing to do with his uncanny resemblance to Shahid Kapoor or Andy Samberg.  “It seems that they have joined the league of Screen Junkies and Imaan Sheikh. These guys verify that smart is the new sexy,” says Siddhima Dubey, a 19-year old media student and a big fan of Pretentious Movie Reviews. Leave it up to them to make sense out of nonsensical movies as they have many tricks up their sleeves.

Stumbling onto big stages all over the place and having completed over hundred shows convey the mind-boggling success of Kanan Gill. Still having a long way to go, Gill says, “We are not critics. We bring out the points of contention in a funny way and the rest is left to the audience.” They pick their movies from the comments section and as of now, requests are pouring in. On the popularity of their You Tube videos, Kalyan says, “The YouTube channel for us is mainly a medium to reach more people. We love the response we are getting for our videos, but every stand-up comedian loves a live audience.” As it can be seen, they have sold out the first two live  shows in the capital.

You can subscribe to their Youtube channel here. Follow them on Twitter for some comical entertainment at @KananGill and @kalyanrath.

Lavanya Grover

Image Source [Google]