Kangana Is A Queen, And She Deserves To Be Treated So!


Having been conferred the National Award for Queen, Kangana Ranaut finally, proves that she definitely, has the “act” of being an actress, together. With her riveting performance in Queen she not only backed the entire film solely on her shoulder but also made the movie a huge block-buster.  To come across a movie in Bollywood that is both critically acclaimed as well as a commercial success is in itself a rarity. However, with her stellar acting skills, and the Queen’s engaging plot, Kangana has bagged the award for the Best Actress at the 62ndNational Film Awards ceremony.

Curly hair, skinny, instinctive, impetuous and very, very courageous, Kangana’s screen presence is such that engages the audience within minutes into the film.  The love affair between her and the camera is one that refuses to die. If we were to describe the genesis of the actress, it would be divided into two phases: the first being “before Queen” and the second phase being “after Queen.” Her career prior Queen has had been a meandering flurry of flops. Though she has had her share of hits in Gangster and Fashion, yet the roles in her kitty weren’t too versatile. Shedding the image of a jilted lover who drowns her misery in alcohol took her way too long, but as they say, it’s better late than never. With Queen, Kangana came across as the Cinderella who doesn’t care much about her missing glass slipper.

One aspect about Kangana that sets her apart from all others in the Tinsel town is her nonchalance. She has the raw guts to call a spade, a spade. Despite her admitted refusals of attending award ceremonies, she has been winning accolades in absentia. While her contemporaries have to feign being dispassionate about winning or losing awards, Kangana is one, who clearly doesn’t believe in making a big deal out of it. Unsurprising as it may seem, a simple girl from Manali never gave in to the lure of playing safe and choosing mainstream commercial movies. Quite a trendsetter, her choice of movies has always been unconventional, depicting her enthusiasm of trying something different. Well, she IS different.

Kangana is a queen, and she deserves to be treated so!

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper