Karthik Hariharan Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear PM

What a lovely day it is today, birds chirping, Diwali parties in the air, Dalits crying in hunger and their children losing lives while making crackers for us, indeed it is a splendid day. The sheer insensitivity of it all is making me wonder whet here I have heart anymore or not because this is just a tip of the iceberg where your inadequacy as a prime minister begins. Shall we laugh at the face of hypocrisy together oh wait I am sorry I meant your face.

There is Amma in down, a veil of Maya up north and a sister otherwise known as didi in the west with corruption and black money in millions and you are in the single best position to be rattling their positions and yet, you fail us all in doing your job.

The scams pile on just like the bodies of Godhra and you have ministers like Modi who go about publicly calling people harlots on the Internet are you sure you want such people on your leadership watch the least you can do is reprimand them but no, fail happened.

They once said you were a man of steel and we looked towards you as a knight in shining armour with all those degrees of yours but too bad they don’t teach people how to ball up in college because I feel that is exactly what you are lacking. Forget balls of steel, even a single feather ball and you could do wonders is what I feel. At least try, forget the statues of elephants in UP just let’s go back to the basics and let the food of the yojanas and provisions meant for mid-day meals actually reach the kids, give the schools basic toilets and facilities so that girls may attend. Give basic education to famers and empower them. So they may have the upper hand. It’s the little things that matter, we will come to bureaucratic dirt and khap based murders and regionalism much, much later.

Despite all the shit I still believed there is hope for you and us because we are country full of insensitive and yet hopeful people, we scare away the child beggar rapping at the air window but at least a thought passes us thinking educate although people like us may never know the hours she might put in, sleeping with grown men just get a day’s meal.

God save you and us.

Yours sincerely

Tired yet hopeful citizen

Karthik Hariharan

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.