Kashan Rug

Kashan rugs come from the north Iranian province of kashan. Kashan rug is Persian in its design and architecture. Persian Carpet production was very minor until the 20th century. Historically Kashan was a major center in the garment trade. In the late 19th century the market shifted and the local industry went from fine wool cloth to fine wool carpets. High quality wool was sourced from Sabzevar. Today the best Kashan rug comes from Ardistan and excellent ones are also produced in Yazd and Kashmar in Khorasan. Kashan the home of Kashan Rugs is an oasis town on the old north/south caravan route along the west edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. The mountains to the west make life possible by the water they provide. The Dasht-e Kavir desert to the east limits areas open to human habitation. Kashan rug has been in demand throughout the world for quite some time now it gives a glamour and splendor to the living room. The art of developing a kashan rug is quite a meticulous one and requires intensive labour. Today it is generally assumed that Mohtashem is an indication of fine Kerman workshop production rather than a firm attribution. However with the existence of some signed Mohtashem rugs it is certain that the workshop existed. The early Kashan rugs were made with Manchester wool and are softer. The change occurred in the 1930s.

Hajji Mullah Hassan was a merchant who was left with Manchester wool and no clothing business so his wife wove a rug. His wife was from Arak and the rug was successful.There is a certain ring of truth to the Arak origin of the wife since Mohtashem Kashan rugs have a back like an old Feraghan Sarouk. Another attribution clue is that rugs and carpets from the Mohtashem workshop had lavender silk selvages when new.