Kashmir: A State of Senseless Politics

The recent furore in the J&K region over the Srinagar sex scandal and the Shopian rape case has reaffirmed my views that politicians in India are exploiting democracy to achieve their own personal gains. Surprisingly, another fact that I notice is that in the world’s largest democracy, it is these corrupt, divisive politicians who get all the privileges of a democracy, and not the common man.

Jammu & Kashmir is always on the boil. Matters appear calm for sometime but something happens which again and again disrupts the normalcy in the region. Take for example the recent violent protests against the Shopian rape case and the Srinagar Sex Scandal. The manner, in which the political leaders of Jammu & Kashmir are handling the situation, is shocking because such behaviour is leading to more and more chaos in the region, which in recent times, is crying for peace and is rooting for a democracy. The PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti’s antics make my blood boil, but there is not much that can be done. She and her party members promise that they will not create chaos over trivial matters, but they are at it again. They can do anything and everything and still go scot-free. I wonder if a common man has said such things about any politician, let alone the CM, he/she would have been behind bars by now, facing serious charges. Is this not democracy for the politicians alone?

Similarly, any common Indian cannot even imagine to tear a CBI report, but Mehbooba Mufti did, and that too on Camera, and she is still free. Why, because she’s a politician, one who is very good at organizing protests and therefore disrupting daily life of the people of J&K, which gives the CBI and the police goose bumps. Her antics are a deterrant for Jammu & Kashmir, and our Govt, both State and Central, is unable to do anything about it. All thanks to the lack of a political will, and loop holes in our legal system which allows such people to go free. However, such loop holes cannot be used by a common man, because being a politician gives you certain privileges I guess. Even the Judiciary seems nonchalant on such issues.

PDPs chief’s actions on one hand, the ruling party’s members are no good either. Mr. Omar Abdullah’s resignation makes me wonder is this the way in which seemingly good politicians, who have been voted to power by the people of Jammu & Kashmir in spite of the boycott calls given by the separatists and the warnings issued by the militants, will handle crises? Are they able enough to run the State? When the CM cannot handle a few allegations, however scandalous, I wonder how sad the people who voted for him will feel?

Similar mishandling of other issues like the Shopian case and the subsequent protests which have rocked the valley since it’s inception, I wonder how the people of Jammu & Kashmir is coping with this uncertain condition of state affairs? Will they lose their faith in Democracy? If they do, it will have drastic results for not only the Jammu & Kashmir Government, but for the whole of India. I strongly feel that politicians, who in the name of democracy, spread violence and disrupt normal life, should be put behind the bars. Politically motivated protests should be crushed and there should be a panel which sees to it that the ruling party does not misuse this law to suppress even valid protests. Special laws should be made, but alas, I also know that 99% of the time, these laws are misused against the common public, rather than rightfully used against divisive elements in our society. After 60 years of independence, it is our politicians who have got a taste of real democracy, not the common Indian. I want this to change, and I want peace in Jammu & Kashmir.

Zain Inhovi

[Image courtesy: http://www.ndtv.com/news/images/story_page/Omarnewstory_pti.jpg]