Katti Batti, Yet Another Typical Chick Flick?



Upbeat, happening, chaotic, funny- this is what Katti Batti seems to be like from the trailer. For a movie such as this, only the flavour can be gathered from the trailer, not the course of it.

Casting of Katti Batti is, no doubt, excellent- Imran khan and Kangana Ranaut look adorable together. A delectable couple, the actors are perfect for the characters they’re playing. Being experienced, they face no challenges in doing justice to the roles they’re assigned.

Kangana, yet again, plays the role of a free spirited girl (Payal) who lives life on her own terms. Doing away with the stereotype that casual sex is unacceptable, and that girls are ingenuous, pure and the epitome of honour, she gleams with unbridled passion for living life queen size.

Imran plays the character of Maddy- an innocent guy, who has a serious view of life; similar to what we have seen him do before.

The basic plot remains clichéd. Two people, opposites, get attracted to each other. They fall in love, and then fall apart. The movie, presumably, ends with the two getting back together happily, right where they belong.

However, unlike others of the same genre, the complete story cannot be fully predicted through the trailer. An aura of an original relationship crisis is created. It does, nonetheless, seem like a one-time watch lacking a legitimate story line, a typical chick flick.

I don’t expect to be exceedingly impressed, walking out of the movie hall after 18th September, 2015. I do, however, predict that it would be a good laugh, and be entertained. The key is to not expect substance out of it.

The trailer is full of contradictions. It says that Maddy is “heartbroken”, while at the end of it, he is the one breaking up and Payal is the one staring at him with sad eyes, shattered. A warning flashes, stating that it’s not a love story, but we all know otherwise.

All of Maddy’s well wishers are clearly against the relationship, and more importantly against Payal, who is unable to gain their trust. But there seems to be something intriguing about her, that Maddy just can’t get over. This becomes the bonding force between the two, the reason he runs to get her before its too late, and the reason they are able to get back together in the end.

Overall, the trailer only creates confusion as to what is happening, giving small glimpses of the entire movie. Only a conjecture can be formed, not a logical hypothesis.

Ishani Singhal

Image Source: The Viewspaper