Kellog’s Lara Lappa

Says Lara: Eat a 98% fat free cereal for two meals every day. Lose 2.5 kgs in two weeks. Get my Body.
I did not mind Lara Dutta as eye candy in some forgettable multi-starrers. However, having her popping every ten minutes on T.V with Kellog’s Special K, grates on my nerves. For several reasons. Which go beyond the irritating quotient of Lara Dutta.

It is a Lie.

Why does Special K not take some previously hefty celebrity like Delnaaz Paul or Smriti Irani and have them actually lose weight on their amazing cereal. Why do they take an already svelte and youngish starlet touting tall claims?

It is Unhealthy.

Eating nothing but two bowls of Kellogs and one meal of fruit and veggies you will be low on energy, low on satiety. Omitting Fats from diet is a nutritional mistake. It will not magically enhance slimness any more than using a particular Deo will enhance your Sex appeal.

It swindles you.

In their naïve desire to be healthy and to lose weight, it makes women go for a packaged hoax that contains added glucose/fructose, flavours and Gluten which do you no good.The added vitamins are in forms toxic to the human body. For this reason Denmark has for long banned all Kellogs products. Hence the rising markets in Asia provide a ready market of gullible consumers.

A highly calorie restricted diet solely focused on a packaged product,which omits natural fats and proteins will not only prevent long term weight loss but will also lead to relapses/binge eating because it is so devoid of nourishment.

Real food wisdom for long term change in eating behaviour says do not count calories or restrict fats. Eat a lot but only the right, wholesome foods. Special K or anything that comes out of a packet is not one of them.

A Special – ‘S’ Diet recommended by Wholesomeoptions!!
• No Sugar .
• No salty snacks
• No seconds
• No stupid cereals -just moderate portions of unprocessed home-made food

Varsha Tiwary

Full time bureaucrat and mother of two,part-time dabbler in rhymes and preacher of health and fitness as a way of life.