Kiera Knightley And Other Celebrities: Fighting “Perfection”


Recently, debates against Photoshop have been doing the rounds all over the internet as celebrities are now coming out vocal to fighting “perfection”. The latest in the line to fight back against retouches and enhancement has been the popular and gorgeous UK-born Hollywood star, Kiera Knightley. Knightley featured nude on Interview magazine with no retouch and enhancement. She said that her effort was to let her fans see the real her. This however, is not Knightley’s first attempt to fight Photoshop retouch; in 2004 when her film King Arthur had released, Knightley’s breasts were enhanced for one of the posters against which she went out and claimed that the poster did not show her real body.

Digital editing of images of celebrities has led to the erosion of confidence of youngsters today. The problem of inferiority complex has engulfed the young generation that many are giving into depression. Watching glamorous “photoshopped” celebrities on magazine covers has raised the bar even for commoners who have now come to believe that it’s not ok to have flaws; imperfection has lost its meaning with every second person resorting to Photoshop to become flawless.

As a result of such impacts, celebrities are now fighting back Photoshop to tell their fans that they too have flaws, because that’s what makes them who they are. Other than Kiera Knightley, there are many other star celebrities who have gone vocal to support imperfection.

The YouTube-breaking “Royals” singer, Lorde has used her Twitter and Instagram accounts to remind her fan-following that it is normal to have flaws.

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Popular ABC Family mystery-drama Pretty Little Liars star, Ashley Benson condemned the poster of the show by adding on her Instagram caption, “Way too much Photoshop. We all have flaws, no one looks like this. It’s not attractive.

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Benson’s co-star Troain Bellisario also went vocal on Instagram and wrote against the main casts’ photo shoot for the GQ magazine, “My hips and thighs are a part of me (even though they magically weren’t in some shots! This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw.

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Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt, who truly believes in aging gracefully, agreed to feature in the W magazine on the condition that his pictures would not undergo any retouches. So much was his desire to give out the correct message with his photo shoot that he requested a photographer known for his efficiency for meticulous details to do the shoot.


One of the most celebrated fashion models of our times, Gisele Bundchen from Brazil stood up against make-up and retouches of any kind and featured in an ad campaigns for BLK DNM in minimalist style.


Singer Colbie Caillat came out with a music video “Try” which featured women of different ages without any make-up pleading ladies across the globe to stop putting in so much of effort to look flawless, but rather to embrace perfection found in “imperfection”.

What we as youngsters need to remember is that flaws are a part of our body; we need to embrace them and be confident even with them. Getting carried away with fake and uncompassionate magazine covers will only lead us to our own harm. The efforts of these celebrities, who have a powerful platform to influence common people, should not only be appreciated but also supported, because they can truly contribute towards bringing in change in the society. With the kind of platform they have, they can use it to show the correct direction rather than to perpetuate the harmful idea of “perfection”.

Pallavi Sharma

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