Recently my dad reckoned I was fit drive a Blueline bus. I speed a lot, drive rashly, stop without any reason or indication, tailgate and I do not care two pence about fellow passengers or travelers.

The mockery in this matter stops here. The reality shows macabre killings, an indifferent public and tremendous amount of government apathy. The Blueline menace has reached catastrophical levels and sadly, no reforms have been implemented so far. People are being killed or injured almost everyday and all that the government has to offer is a meager Rs. 1 lakh compensation. Can money (which will probably not even reach the victims) compensate for a lost life? Can money be a substitute for a living soul who was more than just a presence in your life? Even a million dollar compensation will be peanuts for the loss suffered.

We must examine the nagging problem of why the Bluelines have become such serial killers. The obvious reason is the rash driving of the ‘barbaric’ drivers, but that would be like saying, that the cat drowned in the well conveniently not mentioning the naughty boy who dropped it. We must look at the factors that induce these drivers to kill because surely, not all drivers can be sadists who find cheap thrills in killing the innocents.

One thing that can be safely said is that public transport is no longer about benefiting the public, rather its all about minting money. All the modes of transportation are not there to help but to fleece the public. The autos are a perfect example of this – it is cheaper to own a car than to travel by autos daily. Public buses are also just a money making venture where all the operators want to ply only on the ‘profitable’ routes. A normal 40-seater bus will fit in at least 80 people and the bus conductor still try to jam in more. All for the sake of moolah. Operators give their drivers ridiculous deadlines and unreasonable profit targets. Needless to say, this puts an immense pressure on them forcing them to drive rashly to fulfill what is required of them. The high unemployment rates leave people with very limited choices and one of them happen to be a vocation as Blueline drivers.

The lack of action on the government’s part has raised many doubts. In a lesson meant to teach the public, the government pulled off all the Blueline buses from the road leading to severe inconvenience to all and an understandable mass hysteria.Naturally the politicians in their swanky cars and unlimited supply of petrol paid by us, the taxpayers, can afford such a day. Moreover, they know that most of us cannot and that day we all learnt our lesson – it was either the devilish buses or the deep sea of more inconvenience. Then, amidst much criticism, the government introduced the kilometer system which did not make even an iota of a difference.

Surprisingly, not much has been spoken about the politicians and the cops who own many of the Blueline buses. It has been hinted at but nothing has really come out in the open. Is it true dear politicians? After milking us dry with your severe taxes, high inflation, corruption and palm greasing, would you still want to put our lives at risk, just to earn a little more money?

There is another segment who must be blamed for this almost legal homicide and that is us, We, the people. We are responsible for making theDelhiroads unsafe. We all are so enmeshed in our private lives that none of us show any real dissent except the convenient arm chair critiquing. We continue to shift the blame on to the drivers and the mobs continue to lynch them. It is like struggling to destroy diseased bodies and not the muddy pool which is the real cause of the disease. We must bring to book, all those who are responsible. Otherwise accidents will simply leave us to ponder; not how, why, who, when and where, but simply one question – who will be next?

Shravya Jain