Killing The Dead

This poem is dedicated to all those people, especially women and children who continue to suffer in Sudan and other war ravaged places in this world.

The heat,
swallowing up the parched earth,
hot winds turning them blind,
somewhere in the distance, they saw the horses
and sound of swords swinging high;

with nowhere to go
no one to hear;
left alone
in blood and fear.

Holding those little fingers tight
a gasp nearing the end
Beating their bosoms in vain;
of children lost forever.

Soul less men on those horses,

Soul less.

and tales of vaginas

Shamed, cut and massacred.

The world around,
Far away
Smirking in silence.

It doesn’t matter to them,

Don’t you see?

They know not the men, women
or children.
The moans or slit throats.

Celebrating in joy
while the blood stains remain on the ground.
long forgotten, never really remembered,
graves of tragedies unbound,

The innocent continue to cry,
Suffer and die ,
Nameless faces
All dead and gone.

Divya Kannan