‘Kinng’ of All Times

After hearing mixed reviews of the movie ‘Singh is Kinng’, I decided to go and watch it and make one of my own. There had been a lot of hype before its release; people enthusiastically booked tickets for the ‘First Day, First Show’, well in advance. We eagerly waited for the movie’s release. There was also some controversy created by the movie; however, in it’s totality, I think it was a brilliant movie; one of a kind where it can be said that Bollywood cinema is raring to go.

For starters, the fact this it is a hilarious movie, itself made a good first impression. Sometimes, the best thing is just to have a good laugh at what you hear and watch. It is a hardcore entertainer with absolutely no simple logic that has to be understood. Perhaps this is what makes it worth watching; without having to rack your brains too much, yet come out of the movie hall, saying that it was an enjoyable experience.

It is a perfect blend of comedy, action, thrill and romance; a movie that targets the regular audience of India, who can understand and appreciate these virtues. Being fast paced, you somehow just go with the flow as each new scene shows up. The movie revolves around a gangster based in Australia, called Lucky Singh(Sonu Sood) and his associates; Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Kamal Chopra and Sudhanshu Pande. Then, there is also Happy Singh, played by Akshay Kumar, a notorious young man from a village in Punjab. His antics are well displayed in the movie; with his good intentions but its disastrous consequences. Happy Singh undertakes the task of helping Lucky Singh find a way out of the underworld and bring him back to his ailing parents in Punjab. He is accompanied by Rangeela (Om Puri), who unwillingly agrees to go along with him to Australia.

It is in his journey to Punjab that Happy Singh meets Sonia (Katrina Kaif) and instantly falls in love with her. Absolutely penniless when he reaches Australia, he seeks shelter in the home of an elderly Punjabi lady who owns a flower shop (Kirron Kher). In the mean while, as seen in thrillers, this underworld gang is tracked down by some investigators, and Lucky Singh find himself paralyzed by the end of the shootout. The tables turn and Happy Singh assumes the new role of ‘King’.

It is after he takes up the role of ‘King’, that a positive message is sent out to the audience, loud and clear. Between love and hatred, love prevails; between revenge and forgiveness; forgiveness is more gratifying. There is nothing more comforting sometimes than bringing a smile on someone else’s face. Which is exactly what Happy was able to do for the people he loved and respected; and in turn, which is what the whole performance brought to the audience’s face-A smile.

There are some elements of the movie that are unrealistic, but hilarious all the same. Sonu Sood’s scene at the hospital; his frustration of not being able to speak or be understood leads his blood to boil-Literally-the camera focuses on the drip which actually shows the blood boiling! Of course, these things don’t happen for real, but hats off to the creativity of the people who thought of this. A plus point, in my opinion, was that all the songs in the movie were extremely well-timed and hearable.

Of course, like all happy endings, Happy Singh is also able to woo his lady love, but not so easily. Several obstructions come in his way to reach out to Sonia. Ranvir Shorey, who played the role of Puneet, Sonia’s fiancé, gave a great performance of a spoilt brat who always wanted things to go as he liked them. The movie ends on a happy note, and Happy Singh is able to convince Lucky Singh of the goodness still left in his life, the need for him to go back his village in Punjab.

People are entitled to their opinions about this movie. I personally do not go by newspaper ratings. Maybe this is not the best movie that I have seen, but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable ones. People often criticize unrealistic elements of the movies; but isn’t it true that movies are unrealistic BECAUSE they are meant to entertain? If all movies were based on incidents that occur in our daily lives, perhaps there would be nothing to look forward to. So next time, I have decided to just switch off my brains and go and have a good laugh, whenever I hear of the next comedy release.

Aditi Ghosh