KKR Threatens To Walk-off: Can IPL Exist Without Attracting Controversies?

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With the Indian Premier League (IPL) peeking through the horizon, controversies have already begun pouring down. Making it to the headlines, the defending champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have threatened to walk out of the league if Sunil Narine is not allowed to play.

Off spinner Sunil Narine had been banned from playing during the Twenty20 Champions League 2014 owing to his suspect action. With Narine not being able to play, KKR lost the final against the Chennai Super Kings. Being overlooked during the West Indies tour to India in November, he wasn’t taken into the team. Moreover, he, himself opted out of the ICC World Cup 2015, and in the meanwhile he modified his action. As a corollary to his modified action, ICC cleared him during his biomechanical test in Loughborough.

In Narine’s case, however, the organizers refused to accept the report that was submitted by the ICC. As per the rules in the BCCI, since he was called for a second time, he was, automatically, banned from bowling in any BCCI-organized tournament. As it stands, as of now, the BCCI has insisted that the off spinner should undergo another round of testing at the Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai. Thoroughly annoyed by the ordeals that Narine has been subjected to, KKR is said to be contemplating legal against the BCCI for not permitting him to join the team for the upcoming IPL season. Accusing the BCCI for “targeting” Narine, KKR is of the opinion that since ICC has given the bowler a green signal, there is no need for him to go through another examination.

Exposing the flawed system that BCCI follows, KKR points out that Narine was never called for chucking during the IPL but his action was, all of a sudden, found illegal in two back to back matches in the Champions League Twenty 20. Since its inception, IPL has never been rid of controversies. Be it the biddings or the colossal owners of the teams, IPL has always made headlines for controversies than cricket. This episode, truly, marks the beginning of yet another controversial season of the league.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper