Kodak A170 – Powerful and simple

In the list of latest technological purchases, the most intriguing gadget has been my Fuji A170 Silver camera. Fuji A170, with its sleek design and an eye-capturing silver coloured body, does not compromise on its features. The latest development in the “A” series of cameras launched by Fujifilm, it strikes a stunningly magnetizing high gloss-double coated veneer texture. Low on price, A170 still manages to deliver the best in terms of resolution and clarity. Because of its night mode picture-capturing ability that works at ISO 1600, it does not fail to provide its user with an amazingly detailed picture quality.

Carved with a simple design, and having even simpler maintenance requirements, this easy to use invention in digital photography is the best bet within one’s affordability. Its mechanism works inside a 21.9 mm slim body, and shoots photographs at an astonishing 10.2 megapixels. Added to its high resolution, which provides crystal clear imagery, the Panorama feature lets the photographer fuse three shots consecutive shots into one large frame – resolving the overheads of clicking huge landscapes in single shots.

Another fantastic feature of Fujifilm A170 is the Scene Recognition AUTO, which cleverly detects the particular scene of the photograph in pose. The Space Recognition AUTO allows flexibility to the shot, and removes the difficulty of having to adjust each photograph according to the surroundings. To work around with, A170’s functionalities identify pictures according to one of the following scenes – Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Backlit Portrait, Night and Night Portrait. This feature works in combination of identifying the optimal scene of the photograph, and then setting its mode accordingly, all by itself!

The camera works on a 3x Fujinon optical zoom lens, giving clarity and substantiality to the tiniest of objects. Face detection with auto red-eye removal adds to the overall simplicity in handling its settings. Picture stabilization removes the blurring of photographs, so regardless of the pose, or the position of the picture, A170 delivers the perfectly clear shots every time, and all this to top it up with a 2.7 inch LCD screen.  Power consumption is minimal, since its battery is backed up by two AA alkaline batteries. This also means that charging up the camera is simpler.
The Fujifilm A170 is highly recommended for its easy handling and maintenance, high resolution and stunningly detailed photographs that come out with perfect clarity, exquisite features to adjust the settings of the camera in concord with the surroundings, and at a relatively low price.

Shaurya Arya