Krishna Kumar Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister


Dear Prime Minister

Focus on Rural India – No Freebies please. Create a healthy environment that would allow
people to earn and contribute to the country.

1) It is well known that India has 70% people in rural hinterland and agriculture just contributes
to 8% of our GDP and India does not figure among the top 10 exporters in the world. India’s HDI
has not improved at all over the past two decades

2) Can you make the MNREGA efficient by measuring output and how the work carried out
benefits the district/state/country?

3) By giving out free TVs, free rice and other groceries, free money, we are only making our
people lazy and unproductive. Instead help in setting-up a framework wherein large scale and
sustainable employment opportunities in the agricultural sector can be generated. Perhaps use the
National skill Development Corporation to focus primarily on Agriculture.

4) Provide special status for Agriculture and necessary impetus. But start taxing Agricultural
income, Very much like employed class. Why give free. Use this for providing better medical
facilities for the rural populace.

5) Improve infrastructure Roads and connectivity to nearby towns/cities, Broadband, Electricity,
water/Sanitation etc. This coupled with abundant employment opportunities will deter mass
migration to cities.

Thank you,


Krishna Kumar

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.