Kung Fu Panda

Virtually ludicrous, attention gripping and endearing! Kung fu panda belongs to colossal world of animation. The film was produced by DreamWorks Animation in 2008. The hearty message to embrace life has driven this masterpiece of DreamWorks animation to the path of success. Though it delivers a common message but the pleasing mix of humor, swift martial art and vibrant animation wins our heart. Kung fu Panda has been a favorite of all who have seen it. Po, the panda with its enormously padded, bulky, gut and buffoonery wins the viewer’s heart and affection.

Kung fu Panda features Jack Black as Po the Panda, Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu (Red Panda); Angelina Jolie as the tigress; Ian McShane as Tai Lung (Snow leopard); Lucy Liu as Master Viper; Set Rogen as Master Mantis; Jackie Chan as Master Monkey; David Cross as master Crane; Randall Dukk Kim as Master Oogway; James Hong as Mr. Ping, the goose; Dan Fogler as Zeng and Michael Clarke Duncan as Commander Vanchir, the Javan Rhinoceros.

In this movie, Po, the panda is portrayed as a kung fu fanatic and secretly dreams of becoming a great master in that discipline. His bulky and plump body structure does not lend itself to Kung fu fighting and he serves as a waiter in his goose father noodle shop. The day he is pinned by the prophecy of master Oogway as the “Chosen one”, all the hopes rest on him. This decision also brought a great dismay to masses especially the furious five because Po has all the characteristics of being called the laziest. Unwilling to accept him as the dragon warrior, Shifu uses all measures to make him quit. Po initially thinks of quitting but later on being counseled by Oogway regains his spirit. Shifu who promises his master, Oogway to train the panda, teaches him culinary skills using the promise of food as a reward. Tai lung is a dangerous leopard that has been trained by Shifu, his acted god father. The greed for the Dragon Scroll of the leopard drove him behind the bars. Finally, Tai Lung manages to escape the prison. Furious Five confronts him with great vigor but all in vain. Mean while Po discovers that dragon Scroll has nothing in it and it is simply blank. He goes back to his father and on being told that that the secret ingredient of his special is nothing but the belief it is special, he realizes the secret of dragon scroll. But what does this realization make him do? Will “the big fat panda” confront Tai Lung? This forms the rest of the plot.

It has received mixed views from the critics but mostly this great piece of animation has been endowed with positive comments. Some critic has called the film “consistently diverting and visually arresting”. Though the film has been much appreciated but it was chastised for its common morale. The blend of mind blowing animation, swift martial stunt and humor has cloaked its only negative point. Over all, the film won the hearts of all and sundry.

I have found myself in love with this movie. This movie has got the best of animation ever seen. It has got the deep mixture of a good mixture and humor. Hence, a must watch film for every person irrespective of the age.

Anuradha Agarwal

[Image courtesy: http://darkaeon.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/kung-fu-panda.jpg]