Has the life been getting very serious and boring off late?  Have you been wishing in your heart to escape the ferocity of the crazy city life? Or do you have that secret desire to explore and indulge in some adventure? If your answer to all these questions is “YES”, then I suggest you pack up and head toward the western mysterious and exotic islands of India- The Lakshadweep which means a group of thousand islands.

It always feels great to be visiting a less known place which can offer you surprises all along the way right from the moment you step into it. Situated in the Arabian sea, this island is a dream spot for those who love being close to nature and its rawness. It is one among those few places in the world which has managed to preserve its originality and has remained untouched by the   tentacles of globalization.

It is a land of mystery because not much is known about it yet. It has a wonderful blend of the local culture and the Arabic influence. And those who wish to kick the blues out of their lives, all you got to do is just jump into the vast blue ocean and get lost in the breathtaking view of the marine life.

Lakshadweep is said to have had a very unique and ancient history but most of it had been lost during the course of time. It is considered to be greatly influenced by Kerala when it comes to its cultural lineage. Malayalam is one of the languages spoken in the southern islands and the official language too, whereas the northern islands are dominated by Mahl and Jeseri speaking people.

The islands are dominated by people who follow Islam. It is said that the island had Hindus originally who converted to Islam later under the influence of a Prophet. These islands were visited frequently by the Arab travelers, who had given a very vivid description of them in their travelogues.

The islands could be reached by flights starting from Cochin, Bangalore and Mumbai. Ships operate from Kochi and Calicut to Kavaratti. Kavaratti is the capital and the most developed of all the islands. The islands are a haven for the water sport lovers.  Here you have various ways to kick stress out by opting for Scuba diving, sun-bathing, kayaking, canoeing, yachting etc. And recently the coral reefs rose to tremendous popularity and this has caught the attention of the Indian government which is taking measures to save them and project them as the trademark attraction of the Lakshadweep.

The modes of transport are very limited, so trekkers may find it really amusing to explore the place by walk. Those who prefer faster means of travel have to opt for bicycles. Ferry services are available to travel between the islands. Those who can afford luxury can hire choppers to fly around and experience the breathtaking aerial view of the islands. The cuisine of these islands is very much similar to the Keralite cuisine in which coconut and fish based dishes dominate the menu.

These islands are catching up as the favorite tourist location with the government involving more funds in their development. So Lakshadweep is surely set to win your heart and liven up your regular life if only you are ready to embrace a happy islander’s life, ignite that spirit of adventure within yourself and immerse yourself in the nature’s bounty. Happy Holidaying!

B Krithiga

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