Late Leaders and the Illiterate Emotional Fools

There was a time when kings ruled a region with excellent administrative skills. They remained just and unbiased. They treated everyone as equals and one state, one law was perfectly applicable to everyone right from the first citizen.


Not just Indians, people around the world showcase their loyalty towards the throne. ‘Love for the Royal family’ in the United Kingdom, ‘Cheer for the King’ in Nepal and the ‘Mikado’ of Japan, are all present day examples for the monarchy obsession of people.


In India politicians use this weakness to build a virtual monarchy system. In other countries however loyal the people are towards the king they still are sensible to make a rational decision, but in India people get caught up in an emotional attachment with a leader and assume anyone related to him will be as good.


That’s how the heirs of Jawaharlal Nehru ruled the nation for decades and still have a major influence on the politics of India. It’s not just the heirs but also the immediate kin. The wife, brothers and cousins also get a piece of this influence.


It’s acceptable that wife shares the burden and stress of a husband, but that doesn’t mean she can substitute her husband professionally also. There have been a lot of instances in Indian politics where the wife of a leader is cherished and touted as the replacement for the leader himself, regardless of her educational or political background.


Across the country right from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu politicians started feeling that the rule of the state is their ancestral right. In Kashmir Omar assumed power and in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi is looking for a way to transfer power to his heirs and who in turn fight amongst themselves on who that heir will be.


Our ex-cabinet minister for telecommunication Mr.Maran had virtually no political background. He lived in another country. Just after the death of his father he is called back to India and he replaced his Dad’s position in the cabinet. Just because he is the grand son of the top leader of the party he has been given such an important responsibility for which smaller leaders have been waiting for decades. Is the cabinet seat his ancestral right?


Other worst thing that happens in Indian politics because of the emotional attachment of people and their illiteracy is the using of late leader’s name for campaigning. When a lady was asked after the last assembly elections in TN she answered coolly that she voted for M.G.Ramachandran, the late Chief Minister of TN.


The political parties campaign in the name of late leaders and people start believing that the golden period of that leader will be back when the party comes to power.


The Gandhi dynasty uses the name of Late Indira Gandhi for their campaign and touts the Italian by birth Sonia Gandhi or the newbie Rahul as her political heir. The worst part is even if that late leader has some black marks the opposition parties are unable to point it out as creating disgrace to a dead leader.


The one solution to all these problems is spreading literacy. Indian people should start thinking rationally than being emotional.


Shanketh R

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