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You are fresh out of school and stepping into the shoes of college life. Your sense of trends, fashions starts blooming and you get conscious of the way you look. You like the appreciative glance of the street walkers, the compliments of your batch mates and the admiration heaped upon you by your acquaintances. All this flatters your personality and makes you choose the perfect garment to don your body. Fashion statement is something that you start giving an increased amount of attention to. Now, what are the garments that you should adorn if you are a new college goer in the today’s times. Since I am a young lady, I would give a few fashion statements that women can adore in these times and emerge as fashion divas.

Tunics are currently in and girls from high school, college to even office goers love to wear tunics in different shades. What is exciting about these tunics is that no matter what the occasion is tunics can go very well for all. Whether it is a lecture at a university, a hang out with friends or even a date with your special someone, tunics paired with leggings in contrasting colors or even a matched one can create wonders to your appearance.

Now the next item that has become a fashion trendsetter is harem pants. All of us have watched Kareena Kapoor having fun in Jab We Met. But did we notice her apparel? She wasn’t wearing the normal jeans or a trouser that we have observed with majority of our heroines adorning western outfits. She was wearing a completely new kind of baggy style full-length pants. These pants have reached the markets and have become a big hit among the youths. Not only do these harem pants come in different colors and textures giving the fashion setters the opportunity to style up in different modes, but also in various lengths. From, full length, to knee length, harem pants are also available these days in short lengths as well. What is the greatest advantage of harem pants is that they are suitable for slim as well as heavy weighted girls in equal respect. Now the question that arises in the minds of the youth is what can harem pants be teamed up with in order to look smart and trendy. Well, the ideal choice is a slim fit top or T shirt. In the absence of a top or a T shirt that will complement the harem pants, one can also wear short length shirts to go with harems.

Jeans have always been in fashion. Now the low waist slim fit jeans are the new trend of the fashion world. These slim fit jeans can be carried with long or short shirts, tops, tunics or even kurtas for that matter in order to appear stylish and elegant.

Now apart from leggings that have been in the trend for ages and do not seem to go out of fashion, an alternative to jeans is on its way. Leggings are the new style statements that women of these days love to wear pairing it with tunics, tops or even shirts. More so, the days of the churidaar appears to have seen closed doors. Women wear leggings with their salwaars or kurtas in order to appear traditional. Leggings can be of full length or even of 3/4th length.

Now, with all these garments that are in fashion, it also depends on the taste of the wearer, the kind of garments she chooses, the fabric she prefers and the color she loves to adorn. Along with all these, what should be kept in mind is the ability of the lady to carry her dress well. She should look comfortable, feel comfortable along with a sense of grace and elegance to accompany her stride.

Anushri Mondal

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