Laugh Your Problems Out

“How do you fool water?”


“You simply heat it and don’t have a bath.”


Very few people would laugh on that joke, but all of us will agree that laughter is the best medicine. Staying happy is perhaps as important as living itself. Laughter not only drives the negativity away from us, but has many scientific benefits too.


Many of us would have seen uncles and aunties in parks, gathered in a circle and laughing out their lungs early in the morning. Their laughs though, are less funny and more scary. Laughter stretches your facial muscles and provides a workout for your face. Some people tend to move their hands and limbs when they laugh, hence making laughter a complete exercise.


When we laugh, we take in a lot of oxygen. Oxygen, as we all know, is good for the body and provides the extra energy we need. After a good dose of laughter, not only do our stomachs’ hurt, but we feel more energized and sense a new vitality in us. Laughter oxygenates the organs.


Laughter controls our blood pressure and maintains our sugar levels. Laughter has also been proved to be good for the heart. It improves our immune system and gets the blood pumping in our bodies.


Not only is laughter required for the body, but also for the mind and soul. When we laugh or smile, our mind drifts from the tension and stress that hogs our lives. It gives us a break from our exhausting lives. A laughter break rejuvenates our minds and when we resume work; our mind is more capable of handling work and provides more creative solutions to our work. It clears the mind.


Most of us have watched Munabhai MBBS and love the way in which Sanjay Dutt laughs away all the miseries, which gloom a hospital. This is where laughter can play an important, yet disillusioning role. We all have problems in our lives and there is a crisis situation sometime or the other. Everyone takes their own time to accept their problems. Laughter can decrease the amount of darkness in our lives. Happiness, positive thinking and laughter, all clubbed together can help us deal with our problems in much better and effective way. They give us hope for a better tomorrow and living the moment to its fullest.


Since your personality and your thinking also affect your health, laughter has one hidden benefit. Laughing at your own deficiencies, your weaknesses and at yourself, teaches you ways of improving yourself and providing a new outlook to life. Laughing at yourself makes you a better, more confident and definitely a healthier person.


So laughing does all that. That also perhaps could explain the rage of comedy shows on television. So does that mean that we all need a dose of FRIENDS or Charlie Chaplin everyday? I don’t know about that, but a fun time and laughter break with buddies and family is a must for all. Laughter ensures that the low points in our lives don’t take a toll on us and that we remain happy go lucky.


To end on a funny note, laughter is a free and non sour medicine; you can gulp that down easily.


Rohan Chawla



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