Lauren Bacall: To A Life Of Sheer Magic

One of America’s most valued Hollywood film noir actors and an extremely successful fashion model, Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday at the age of 89 in her house in New York. The news was confirmed by her son Stephen Bogart who chose not to disclose further details.

Lauren Bacall is widely known for her leading lady role in To Have and Have Not which was her first appearance in Hollywood. Other great performance of Bacall includes her roles in The Big Sleep, her comic role in How To Marry A Millionaire along with Marilyn Monroe, her Golden Globe Award winning performance in The Mirror Has Two Faces, and many others. Lauren Bacall’s husky voice and sultry looks gave her a unique appearance that was finely pooled together in film noire genre.

Bacall’s life was of sheer grandeur and magic. She was married to one of the most successful men of Hollywood, Humphrey Bogart. He was given the title of the greatest male star in American cinema by the American Film Institute, and was considered the biggest cultural icon in the United States of America. Bacall became Bogart’s forth wife when she married him in 1945. The two were involved in a passionate love affair. Those who did not know of the stardom of either Bogart or Bacall, knew them both as legends of the “Bogie and Bacall” stories; their love story being narrated as a chronicle. They entered into a fight before they even made up for the previous one; passionate and chaotic, they never had enough of each other.

Here is the life of Lauren Bacall in a short series of photos:

Debutant Lauren Bacall in To Have And Have Not, sharing a passionate scene with husband Humphrey Bogart.


Lauren Bacall with the other film noir legend, Marilyn Monroe.

lauren bacall marilyn monroe
The “Bogie and Bacall” marriage.

Bacall with daughter Leslie.

Lauren receiving the honorary Oscar at the 2009 Academy Awards.

Laruen Bacall has been a source of strength, inspiration and hope for many. Actress Troian Bellisario, after Bacall’s passing away updated a tribute to the fashion icon on Instagram with the caption, “when I was younger I was so embarrassed of my voice. I thought it was too low, too raspy and not lady like. Then when I was 16 my father showed me Lauren Bacall in ‘To Have And Have Not and he said’, ‘see baby, she’s got a voice like yours and it was one of the things people loved about her, one day you will love having your voice too. From the minute you saw her, you fell in love with her sly grin, her feline arching eyebrows and of course her deep warm voice…. …. She is and will remain a legend. An icon. And an inspiration. Thank you for teaching us all how to whistle.” She truly was and continues to be an inspiration.

For the amazingly inspiring life that she had we smile as she leaves for a better place. We hope that her soul finds peace.

Pallavi Sharma

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