Leaks and Responsibilities

Cricket can never be out of sensational news for long. And as it turns out, it is similar kind of news, with Mahendra Singh Dhoni threatening to resign from captaincy after a spat with the selectors. The report was leaked from someone in the selection committee to the media that Dhoni has offered to resign from the high-profile post following pacer Rudra Pratap Singh’s exclusion from the one day international team for the current series but the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) vehemently denied the development.

The main point to ponder over here is that if such meetings, which are held in close rooms, are leaked to the public, then what is the credibility of the officials in the selection committee? Such leakages not only create rifts but also vitiate the atmosphere in the team. Dhoni was also disturbed with the leaks and said, “We will have debate inside and things like this should not come out. I think if they are suppose to come out, it’s better we have a live television out there because what comes out nobody should know apart from the eight guys who are sitting down.” He further added, “It would be good for the Indian cricket if you quote that person.”

Lack of say in selection matters for the captain of India has always been touted as the basic differences between captain and selection committee.

I feel very absurd because a captain is responsible for his team and thus should have full authority in selecting team for his choice. How do they expect results if they are not making the team as per the captain’s choice? If the selectors are to continue making the decicions of who is to be in the team and who is not to be, then there should be more responsibility heaped on the selectors, being answerable also when the team fails to perform. If the selectors are irresponsible, it can be detrimental for the game. Selection of a good team is the first step in the building process and if we get into trouble in this step itself, then it is assured that we are heading nowhere.

I also feel that media should report such sensational news with enough evidence. This is the pinnacle of the Indian cricket and when our team is aiming to be the world number one by the end of the April, such stupid leakages and differences can throw us off our aim. There is no point in staying and captaining just for earning good bucks and compromising with whatever the board officials say. Let us let Dhoni and his team focus on the crucial tie against England ahead and I hope Dhoni does not have to resign, playing as usual with his self-respect and flamboyance.

Rishabh Srivastava

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