Learn through the AIESEC Internship

When was the last time you thought the college life you lead, was monotonous? When was the last time you wished you made quality use of your time? Tired of going to those ever expensive movies; drinking binges; repetitive dinners? Well that’s what college is for most, except some wise men and women who have decided to join the world’s largest youth run organization – AIESEC. AIESEC is an organization that stands for cultural exchange, intense leadership experiences and a global learning environment.

It engages students in two ways: either they become a member and then go on an international traineeships or the other way around. A complete AIESEC experience comprises of an intense leadership experiences (membership) and an international internship.


Why do an AIESEC Internship?


So what’s the difference between an AIESEC internship and a regular internship that dad’s contact might get you? Well, for starters, you do it abroad! AIESEC, with its network of over 110 countries, provides internships in profit and non-profit organizations of the world with over millions of options to choose from. Imagine going for a summer internship to Moscow to work as an intern for PricewaterhouseCoopers or to Turkey to work with students from 10 different countries on a social issue. Besides all the exposure, one gets to go abroad and live as a local. With the AIESEC network, you get to live with a family and also in an accommodation with other trainees – which again are a group of people, from all across the globe.


To know more details click on the following link: www.bit.ly/aiesecintern

Sonal Kawatra