Learn To Wake Up Like Sid, Or Captain Your Own Ship

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are standing at a junction, waiting for a train that we would readily hop on to pursue our future journeys. Though the journey is highly anticipated and looked forward to by one and all, its occurrence isn’t the same for all. Some might board a better train than others and that totally depends on the affordability, not economic affordability but the one of marks.

There’s this general societal rulebook for young people, and it’s as valid and as irreproachable as any religious sect. We are supposed to follow it blindly, without any qualms and more importantly, without any questions. As per this book, the more marks you can afford (or get), the better the future journey will be. Better marks assures better future, but does it?

There are movies celebrating our joys and our talents, rather than the societal approach of success (marks, again). For all those students, who didn’t make the ‘esteemed’ cut, here are the movies that would inspire you to achieve your dreams than achieving grades.

  • Dead Poets’ Society- 1989

Helmed by Peter Weir and starring the legendary Robin Williams, this movie bought many people to tears and I may have sniffled too. A heart-warming story of young kids who have to struggle and keep up with the motto of tradition, honour, discipline, and excellence, leaving no space or time for the activities they would want to get enrolled in. Robin Williams enter their lives as a teacher and gives them the courage to follow their dreams unabashedly without any fears. It’s a beautiful movie with an important underlying message- a life not lived with fulfilling your passion, is not life at all.


  • Wake Up Sid- 2009

This movie, directed by the talented Ayan Mukherjee, is a classic coming of age movie. Ranbir Kapoor essays the role of a rich-spoilt brat who is supposed to join his ‘family’ business but isn’t interested to do so. He fails to clear his college exams, ends up facing wrath of his family and is forced to join the business he detests. Gradually, he answers his calling of pursuing the talent he has and he attains success in it. The movie celebrates the fact that a degree isn’t a deemed document to pursue what you love, and it does not define your existence whatsoever.


  • 3 Idiots- 2009

The movie broke records and made us question the existing education system and the kind of importance we adhere to marks. From people committing suicide over the harshness of the system to people wading off from the same route by pursuing their ambition (Madhavan), despite the familial pressure in existence. It’s a movie to be understood by the society in large.


  • Into the Wild- 2007

The movie tells the story of a 20-year-old college graduate who cashes in his law school fund and, in the words of Mark Twain, lights out for the territory. He drives west until he can drive no farther, and then north into the Alaskan wilderness. This is a reflective, regretful, serious film by Sean Penn, about a young man swept away by his uncompromising choices, living his life the way he wishes to while chucking the future bright career prospects he had. As they say, the heart wants what it wants and the movie tells us to follow the wishes of our heart relentlessly.


We must move beyond our fascination with marks, they don’t certify knowledge. Life is much more than just a struggle to get good marks, it’s a struggle to find your calling, your one true passion. Yes, a passion that consumes you, thrives you and builds you. And marks are not your passion, if anything, they are the superficial demand of our society, and a demand that has to be met, again, and again- no questions asked.

Yugansha Malhotra

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