Learning Religion v/s Living Religion

This is absolutely wrong? Our dharma (religion) doesn’t support this. Further, you should go to temple or the respective religious place every day, remember God at least once or twice in a day, read the scriptures religiously, attend the religious seminars leaving aside your likes and dislikes, blindly follow the path we showed you and above all don’t apply your brains, just do whatever the saints have told you…if you refuse to do these things then you will be tagged as an atheist or a bad human being. Is this the parameter of a good human being? Is this religion? Is this the so called Dharma? Can force change anyone’s thinking, perception and belief? Isn’t logical reasoning important for every act you do?

Belief in religion comes from within the heart and not by worldly pressures. Religion, by its virtue, means a path on which a soul can walk freely and do whatever he likes. Today, everybody is running to learn religion. Our elders are the main ones forcing us to do this. There is absolutely no place for living religion.

I agree to the fact that you should have knowledge about your religion, you should know the concepts and fundamentals of the same but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow all of them. It is absolutely an individual choice as through pressure we can learn some things but when it comes to actually living it, we will fail to do so.

Going to temple can’t make you religious or a good human being as until and unless, you enjoy doing so, it would be just a gesture to bring smile on some faces and nothing else. The feeling to go to a religious seminar or place or read a book should come from within the heart; only then the act of doing that will bring some fruits. Without going to temple also, you can follow your Dharma (Religion) by understanding all the facts and fundamentals of it but applying only those points which are valid and has a strong reason behind them to be followed.

Now, here comes the age old debate of Human worship and Idol worship. My point is why to force someone to worship anyone. It’s personal wish to worship a human or an idol. I might believe in Idol worship because I see that Idol as a statue in which I have placed all my faith and belief but on the other side some might find that idol just a useless piece of stone. Same goes with Human Worship.

Some elders are hell bound on their kids worshiping their living Dharma Guru, their saints. I don’t understand that why the hell we force anyone to worship another human being just because he or she is the certified saint of that religion. Why can’t we worship a normal human being who lives religion in a real sense? To my understanding, any person who truly follows the path of truth and honesty, who practices non- violence not only in physical acts but also in words and thinking, who is tolerant towards other sects and religion and the one who thinks for the society before any particular religion is a person worth worshipping.
Worshipping some person just because he has renounced the world and has left all the Parigraha (all pleasures of life) might not make sense to many as you don’t have to do all this to show that you are a religious person because your simple acts will speak for you. All these saints claim that they are the torch bearers of our religion and our elders also agree with them. But can anyone vouch for a saint that not even once he has thought about the world, about the cold or warm temperatures or about their family, which they have left to pursue their religious Tamasha (if I may say so)? They will say, no, of course, but has any one peeped inside their heart and saw the reality. Forget about them, take a simple example- we give birth to our kids, still we don’t know what they think? The simple reason is every individual has some thoughts which no one can know except themselves.
The origin of every Dharma or religion is based on some past story or theory. Most of the fundamentals, principles, facts that are written in our scriptures were correct at the time of the establishment of that religion but now the religion themselves have undergone a huge change and so these facts have changed, for sure. Mark Tully in his book ‘India’s Unending Journey’ has written that everything that is static dies out very soon. Same goes with all the religion of the world.

The need of the hour is not to follow the religion blindly but to imbibe the true virtues of that religion, modify them in lieu with the modern scenario and practice it in day to day life and not just in few acts like going to temple, attending religious seminars, blaming everything on the past karmas and above all mixing religion with the normal issue of life.
Religion is a guiding principle but not the guide itself. It is like the study of law. A lawyer should have a thorough knowledge of all the laws but it depends entirely on him as to how to use them in the court to win the case truthfully and lawfully. In other words, there is a need to live religion and not just learn it blindly like a Rattu Tota who just knows the words but not the meaning. To learn the meaning of something, you need to give the other person some time and not just force him to do something because by doing so you are killing his power of reasoning and logic which might result in intolerance and non- understanding of religion and Human beings at large.

Here, I must say that we are not claiming that we are correct but we are just trying to put forth our point and we might be wrong also. That’s why we are asking the world to tell us where we are wrong and not just blindly ask us to do anything ands refrainng us from discussing anything by calling it as a Kutarka or a useless argument. Thus to summaries, today’s generation wants to live religion and not just learn religion.

Avani Jain