Leave me or Believe me

The trickledown effect has the most prominent role in the mob following the celebrities. More and more celebrities, are getting attached to PETA and turning to vegetarianism. A broader term to vegetarianism is “veganism” coined in the UK in 1944 as a practice of non-usage and non-consumption of animal products. Even though the practice has been on since the early 1800’s more and more people are taking to it now. Veganism is a strict form of vegetarianism, avoiding eggs and dairy, animal by-products, products which are tested on animals. A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Veganism, dates its historical significance to the days of prevalent Jainism and Buddhism stressing on the laws of bad and good karma along with non-violence.

We would follow all the pages about protecting animals, saving some species and saving the planet on face book with a sheer respect to animal rights. We would attend campaigns, run for marathons to save tigers and wear message t-shirts which emphasise ‘saving the mother earth’ and ‘keep the ecosystem going’. On the contrary, we are hypocritical gorging on big chunks of meat every day. Its fancy to be a part of the above activities but its imperative that we a have a conscientious approach towards following veganism religiously. Moreover, the vegan lifestyle is growing with increased number of vegan-diets and restaurants being open to fulfil the demand of its followers. Sportsmen and celebrities like Bryan Adams, John Robb and Robin Gibb among others are big fans of veganism and follow it religiously. Though some celebs would follow this for a weight loss programme, others follow it to detoxify their bodies. Some of them are strongly attached with PETA and have legitimate concerns for animal welfare.

The growing rate of deaths due to cancer and other diseases have brought veganism to the notice of people. The awareness is shifting from a carnivorous to a pure vegetarian diet to prevent obesity, heart attacks, prostate cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. The trend is spotted mostly among young people aged 20 and above. Most of the people following this are banking on elevated energy levels, weight control, prolonging their lives and a cruelty free lifestyle. With increased awareness of the virulent effect on environment, people are resorting to veganism. For sustainable development, spot light is shifting to nature and allied activities. The whole cycle of animal consumption and de-consumption is nature damaging. A commercially available animal based diet uses more land, water and energy. A more ethical humane society mindset is bringing about a change, where animals are equated with humans. People are starting to think its brutal to kill, as they have a right to live as well. As, animal agriculture is directly linked with climate change water pollution and decline in bio-diversity, vegatism enhances carbon crediting. As, of our growing big lifestyles and people always on the move with no time for anyone except their own selves, everybody should take out a minute and ponder on the same. The more each one contributes, the sooner we get to a society of empathy and compassion.
Though some might consider this gluttonous over-consumption of animals a pure unnecessary luxury, some might think that animals are made to be eaten.  “I was gnawing on a piece of chicken, when it started to bleed. I decided to give up, and took to veganism” said a chronic non-vegetarian. Veganism if given a shot would help enlighten spiritual life as animals have an equal right to life. “A crummy financial situation made want to save up resources and I decided to quit non-vegetarian food” chuckles the other. People wearing fur boots might be singled out now, in a judgemental society like ours about how cruel they could be as it’s no more a sign of being chic or a luxury.

Veganism might be considered a myth for some people who might think a diet deficit of meat might not fulfil their body requirements for proteins. Some scientists, are even artificially producing chicken in the labs to save space, water and global warming. It is amazing to see how portentously the society is reacting to the practice of veganism.

Veganism is not only accepted and followed as a trend but a necessity derived from a bigger picture reflection where each one is contributing and acting responsible to promote a humane and a caring world. Veganism consumes fewer resources, causes less environmental damage, prolongs our lives saving us from health risks, detoxifies our bodies, purifies our souls and pays an ode to mother nature. In the words of Albert Einstein “ Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”.

Tanvi Gupta

Creator. Dreamer. Thinker. Always full of ideas. Serious at work and distracted at parties. A designer, with a passion for writing.