Legally Lovingly Yours – A Review

Synopsis : Love-hate-jealousy-admiration-amity-animosity-friendship-enmity—for people in general may be only words, but these words turned out to be life-changing experiences over the next five years.

Abhishek Bose always dreams of studying in a good college. He wish to make new friends there, and want a girl by his side as his girlfriend, and primarily, to carve out a niche for himself and leave his mark. He started realizing his dreams when he got selected to study in Animus Law School, one of the premier private law schools of the country. But, on the very first day he realized that Lady Luck was not on his side.

Could Abhishek Bose make new friends as he had craved for? Did he meet and get the girl he dream of? Was he able to make his mark? You can get the answers to all these unanswered questions while reading this book. He was also blessed with a nature endowed with patience, helpful attitude; desire for friendship etc, Read Abhishek five-year long journey through college and on the way faces all kinds of experiences, both good and bad.

My take:

The book cover catches my eye and its actually a beautiful balance of love and law.

Its difficult not to smile through out this one. A story of a simple yet intellectual Abhishek Banerjee tests his waters with new place and new life at one of the best Law colleges in Dehradun. He experiences all the things in life that makes a perfect ingredient for a fulfilling college life. He falls in love, does well in studies and scores a job at the end, thus further proving his focus on his career. His crush for Lavanya throughout the novel is heart breaking as one realizes the aches that goes with first love. And for a boy still in his early twenties tears does not seem a strange phenomenon. He is ready to take the chance of falling for her even if she has a boyfriend.

To sum up, its more about the journey of this young man than his love life. He is sensitive and giving. There are bits and pieces of his feelings for Lavanya and no sensual interludes except the little kisses they share at the end. The characters have been described briefly at the beginning and later on it becomes easy to relate their characteristics with the nick-names that becomes a part of a college life.

Abhishek Bose (the author) does a commendable job of relating events without breaking into a monotony. You have secret college romance, a sly villain/friend, best friends, Freshers parties with bit of Law. The ingredients that makes this novel so refreshing.

Rating: 4/5

Sonia Kundra Singh

Sonia Kundra Singh hails from Hyderabad, India, a city that nurtured the writer in her. She has authored the sensational Novel – “LOVE ME IN THE END” that delves into the wry concept of arranged marriages in the modern context. Besides writing, she loves to travel and explore new places where she draws her inspiration from. She has an aesthetic style of writing that is so reflected in her novels and the characters within them.