Legislation on H1B Visas: A blow to India?

The new United States President Barack Obama acts on his tagline “Change we need”. Well, very well there have been a good number of changes after he assumed office. Now the question is, “Are the changes really good?” and “Are they fair?”


The recent legislation on H1B visas is one big blow, the brunt of which is felt by Indian IT cos. According to this legislation the companies that apply for H1B visas must first make a ‘good faith attempt” by employing American workers.


H1B visas are used by corporations to employee skilled foreign workers in America, in case of lack of such skilled labor in US. By ‘skilled’ the legislation means at least a bachelor’s degree. The terms are pretty vague.


America has always been flourished by immigrants who worked hard to take US to the heights at which it is now. During the good times, US had increased the allowable quotas of H1B visas to peak numbers. It sucked skilled work force and brilliant brains from countries like India.


US is one of the first to preach globalization and it reaped all the benefits of it. Now, they are dumping the same work force which helped them grow. Call us when they need and send us back when hard times strike. This is the worst kind of unreliability and faithlessness, a state of its stature could demonstrate.


It’s just and fair for the law makers to think that employment for locals is very important. The state has to ensure employment for its citizens. But what about the promises made? What about all those good faith efforts made for trade relations and cordial co-operations on various grounds of economy?


Senator Durbin’s statement, “Our Bill will put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs and discrimination against American workers,” is perfectly sensible. But the question arises where all these sensibleness went in all these years.


Obama is trying to keep his promise to his fellow country men. But isn’t it his responsibility to keep America’s promises to the global community. His government has the responsibility to keep up the reliability of relations America has made and flourished in the past.


If Obama looks for meeting short term results, if he tries to cover up the consequences of the burst of the greed bubble and create a virtual cure for this recession, he would create a black mark in the history of America for ages.


This recession is a challenging time for the entire world. All the countries around the globe are fighting hard to cope with their economical obligations and good faith to their citizens. The challenge has to be addressed by all the countries together without losing their morality on globalization.


Let’s hope Mr. President understands this. The sooner the better.


Shanketh R

[Image source:http://www1.economictimes.indiatimes.com/photo/4296710.cms]