Let’s Have Educated Leaders!

We say our youth is the future of our country. Youth symbolize revolution. Youth symbolize change. Youth symbolize fire. Really? I don’t think so. As you read this, you might mutter –“what rubbish? Today’s youth is ambitious like never before. They are go- getters.” Agreed. They are go-getters. But for what? For a job with a fat pay cheque, for a Gucci watch, for an apple i-pod, for a sleek mobile phone, for hair cut in Habeeb’s, for booze in the most happening pub of the city, for Dominos pizza, for Davidoff cool water, for a Rang De Basanti ticket ( you would argue – RDB changed a lot of us. But I say –“you saw RDB, felt your chest swell with pride. You vowed to bring a transformation. However, that was only for a year. The next year ‘Hey Baby’ transformed you”), for Clarins kohl….the list is endless. If this is the future, I am afraid for obvious reasons.


I recently happened to have a chat with an IIM graduate who proudly proclaimed that, seeing the ways the county is being run, he wanted to be the Prime Minister of the country. But he immediately added that one could help one’s fellow country men by donating money. However, he overlooked the fact that it is the government sector that requires help – during calamities and natural disasters only 16% of the total amount sent by the government relief fund reaches the victims. There is no such corruption in the private sector. If one really wants to make a change it has to be done by wiping out corruption from politics. I am yet to see an IIM who would chuck jobs worth crores not to start up something on their own but to manage a bigger organization – the nation. (You are an MBA; why not administer your own country. Isn’t that a bigger management?)


A country’s future depends on its political system and politicians. But our political system seems to be heading no where. There are no words to describe the levels our politicians can stoop to. Even in the crucial of hours of national tragedy, they flaunt a smile asking for votes. Perhaps it is time we have better and more rational political readers. Perhaps, young, fresh, educated leaders.


Working for your country or for your people will not brand you un-smart. It will in fact justify your community. We are the biggest democracy but this democracy today needs educated politicians. Before the flame in you is snuffed – come, bring a revolution, make yourself proud, in not just thoughts but in real action.


Suhani Dewra



[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/watchsmart/1402363280/]