Let’s Just Occupy

It’s been months of drums and horns but I am still not sure what the hullabaloo is about or what exactly do the Occupy People want. I am assuming the Occupy People also want jobs and money. Yes, I’ve heard stories about Wall Street excesses but don’t the Occupy People want those excesses for themselves as well? After all, Wall Street is about making money and more money from money. It’s called capitalism aka free enterprise aka choices of going and getting some yourself. But of course, it all depends on how you want to go about it and would you rest with just a wing of a plane or would you want the whole jet. A lot of the protesters look fresh out of college and most seem to be in a daze at the injustice of having no job prospects. Were they not promised that with college education? There are groups and thugs waiting and spurring them on from the wings. The pure of heart could not possibly see the evil lurking around the corner. Or maybe it’s the cloud of smoke hanging over the streets of occupation. Wheels of change many times do not seem fast enough or even move and in fact unexpectedly grind to a halt.  No matter what anyone says, Wall Street is not America; its people are but how could the protestors see all this? They have much to trash and burn and follow in the foot steps of their European-cousins-in-riots. Perhaps they are hoping to replace the system with a similar defunct one.

 I also think the Occupy People have the wrong address. I’ve heard things like ‘bailouts’ and ‘share’ and ‘inequity’ and ‘corruption’ and all the bad things; is there utopia out there somewhere? The right address according to me is Pennsylvania Avenue or somewhere where Obama and his administration operate out of. It was they who gave billions in bailouts, took over culprit organizations, promised more billions in bonuses to pitiable performers, gave tax payers money to dying projects, supposedly stimulated the economy while the unemployment rate refused to budge. In short nothing changed and the country went deeper into debt. As I see it, only a few individuals were ecstatic along with China. I heard a few youngsters hollering and hooting about how much fun this occupy thing was till their Blackberrys and iMacs and iPods got stolen. Maybe those items went to the ones not having any. Truly socialism in play. I also heard anti-semitism and other racist comments not quite in line with idealistic and tolerant people. Then there are others in the motley crowd like bare naked ladies and Muslim groups (a safe distance from each other), Tibetan monks, dope heads, poets, drummers, dancers, singers, thieves, crooks, filmmakers (with millions stashed away and perhaps invested in Wall Street), and of course the homeless – generally confused about the Occupiers occupying their space. All in all, Occupy People will continue be a lively crowd till the cold and snow make their way. Wars have been lost because of uncompromising weather.

Joyce Singha-Ghosh