Let’s Participate in Politics

Today, Indian politics seems to be going astray from the path laid for it by yesteryear statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. Most of the politicians appear insignificant compared to these magnanimous personalities. We all seem to be wary of their promises and assurances, and tired of their constant use of religion and caste to garner votes.


But don’t we have a habit to blame everything, right from the terrorist attacks to bad roads and lighting on the government on the government? Have we ever realized that it is the common man who chooses the government? How many of us think of elections as a day off work and college, and don’t bother voting?


After the reservation was announced in educational institutions the youth came all out criticizing the government and complaining of having lost faith in the system. But why not be an active part of the system itself?


Most of us are too content with lives at IITs and IIMs to look beyond. But it is very heartening to see that there are a bunch of young graduates who are willing to step out of their corporate boardrooms and take up leadership, responsibility and join active politics.


Five IITians have formed a new political party in India- Paritrana; Bharat Punarnirman Dal, a party started by twenty alumni from IIT has fielded two candidates for the Delhi polls; many medicos in places like Chandigarh have floated an anti – reservation party; apart from these there are a growing number of graduates from top B-schools who are joining politics. These young guns have decided to give up the comfort of lavish offices and air conditioned boardrooms to step up and invest efforts in the betterment of the society. Not only that, they also derive creative satisfaction from their work as the management principles apply equally to political parties and one can do a lot more for people by joining politics. For many politics is similar to entrepreneurship which is dynamic and where one has to take risks.


Nevertheless these young politicians have set an example for the youth. They are moving out of drawing room and coffee house discussions and are plunging themselves wholeheartedly into the democracy called India.


The youth is a source of dynamic energy and untapped power, which, if channeled in the right direction can do wonders to the current political setup. If not active politics, it is definitely our duty to just spare a couple of minutes and go and vote, rather than just sit and criticize the current political situation in the country.


It is high time that we take into account the bigger view rather than being content with our own small world. We must first get rid of our ‘chalta hai’ approach and start looking at taking active part in the system itself. The leading, bright young minds can be aptly used for the progress and development of the nation.


In Mahatma Gandhi’s words- ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’. Its high time the youth stops criticizing and start leading.


Akanksha Tiwari

[Image source:http://sgichn.org/files/080330x_india_youth_tc.jpg]