Let’s Play Ban-Ban?

India is well known for its diverse culture, hospitality, delicacies, places, historical monuments, trends…the list goes on. But there are a few more terms that one can not ignore while describing this country. These are the so-called peaceful protests, banning of everything that repels the politicians and tourism mismanagement. Now, since we are talking about banning and mismanagement, let us not beat about the bush. The latest incident is that of the banning of the cheerleaders on the cricket grounds entertaining the spectators in their skimpy outfits in the IPL. Our very own politicians think it is vulgar and that it divides the attention of a cricketer as well as a spectator. I guess, they forgot to mention the third party whose attention gets divided too. They can not afford to to bear this; after all, they have the responsibility to run this country. Well yes, I am talking about the politicians themselves. Okay, let us first clear our definition about the IPL. It is the India Premier League. It is about glamour, sports and entertainment. There are total eight teams each owned by very well-known businessmen and actors. Each team is named under a particular state. And the league also comprises cheerleaders of different teams.

Politicians call them obscene, but what about their own alleged illegitimate relations? Do not be surprised, this may be true about those politicians whose one foot lies in a graveyard. IPL is about entertainment and what is so wrong with cheerleading? If they call the outfits skimpy, they can buy them new outfits. Banning the cheerleaders is not the solution. They can even entertain the people with same level of energy in jeans and shirts of their respective teams. Well, that shows the incapability of making a rational decision in our leaders. They stretch every little controversy out of proportion and then do not find a way out to maintain peace. What they like is raising their voices unnecessarily. The ‘pom pom’ girls are there to support their teams and add fire to the fuel of entertainment. Are they doing anything wrong?

It is a necessary part of the package that makes up the IPL. The whole concept says it all. It is about sportainment that includes sports as well as entertainment.

What is the difference between women wearing short skirts and dancing on the ground and the ones that are a part of the audience, dancing and cheering? Should they be also banned? When Gauri Khan wore a transparent leopard print shirt during the IPL bid which said it all, she should have also been banned too. I think our politicians need to grow up. Times have changed. Society is gradually changing and the people are moving towards a cultural change. At one stage, we want the country to develop its thought process and at the other, politicians downtrod the same. Banning the cheerleaders shows that the country still considers women as a sex symbol and the equality status has yet not been given to them. Banning cheerleaders would not stop men from going to bars and enjoying the dancers there. This will not even stop prostitutes from continuing their business. Then, how is this ban helping? Is it increasing the concentration level of the cricketers?

It is idiotic to take up such issues, that hold no importance for the citizens of the country at large, publicly. It is not only important for the politicians to realize their mistakes but also for the people out there who add fuel to the fire. The orthodox thinking has to be killed. Since we are aping the west for everything it does, there should not be much to complain about. Politicians want everything western from luxury cars to English-styled toilets. They might also go western in their thinking, or else it is high time for them to leave the job and enjoy a life in old age homes.

Shelly Mahajan

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