Let’s Save Our Birds

India is one of the 12 mega-biodiversity countries of the world. Different physiographic divisions have variety of the habitats. It is due to the vividness of the habitats, it has diversity of fauna. Birds form an interesting and one of the most colorful groups of the faunal heritage of the country. Nowadays, birding in form of birdwatching and bird photography is becoming popular interest of the youngsters. This is positive sign in the field of conservation. The interests of the people towards birding will definitely help the movement of conservation efforts. Despite of the popularization of birding, there is lot more required in the field of ornithology (science of bird studies). The credit of promoting birding goes to “Dr. Sálim Ali” who is known as “Father of Indian Ornithology”. He was associated with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). BNHS worked a lot on Indian Birds. It is pioneer NGO who is working since 19th century in the Indian subcontinent on birds and other wildlife. The publication of journal, viz. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society is one of the most reputed scientific journals in world. There are many birding newsletters in India where one could contribute in form of articles. Along with scientific publications, there are several wildlife magazines for the general articles. Further, e-groups have boost up the birding passion. Now, with the help of the mailings anyone could know or share the knowledge about birds.


History shows that birds have attracted humans since long. Messenger Pigeons are well known which are extinct. Falcons were associated with the badshahs whereas ducks (Ruddy Shelduck Chakwa-Chakvi) and Cranes (Indian Sarus Crane) were symbol of love. Many folk songs are associated with birds. Many folk songs also describe the behavioral aspects of the birds. Demoiselle crane (Kurjan) has great influence in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for the businessman and their wives know that they went out for their business. It was due to this kurjan which is migratory species, get its association with the love songs of the partners such as “kurjan aye maro bhanwar mila di jo re”. The flight mechanism has given ideas to produce airways.


Thus birds have great impact on the humans. The beauty (sÜrkháb), love (sarus), season (koel) etc. all are there in the birding world. The only point is that human should revive their culture of loving these species. They require human support for the protection and conservation of their habitats. It is a time when we could check the extinction of bird species.


Let’s save the habitats and protect birds.

Satya Prakash Mehra

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