Let’s Set Our House in Order

Since the Mumbai attacks, all we have seen is a surge of governmental pressure over Pakistan to hand over the twenty listed terrorists, close the permanently-open-to-attack terror camps and dismantle their intelligence services along with a very liberal dosage of diplomatic and pleasing-to-the-ears backlash. Add to the above an umpteen number of ‘Enough is Enough’ citizen mails which have been dropping into our mailboxes with the regularity of the wins seen by the Indian cricket team lately.


In the midst of all this, all I want to do is to shout at the top of my lungs and ask every single activity on these streamlines to just STOP. Enough with the back lashing, enough with the citizen mails, enough with the you-stop-first diplomacy and finally enough with we-are-the-victims façade. This has been going on for quite a while now and I believe a collective number of nerves are right at the edge of the wire, mine included.


Let’s first look after our affairs. Let us first make adjustments in our perceptions, in our own problems and finally let’s just make a difference in our lives first before trying to bring an alteration in someone else’s life. It is time we mind our own business rather than make someone else’s business our very own.


We need to realise that rather than blaming Pakistan, let us first bring about a sea change in our security system. We have to diversify our security measures, make the grades in terms of advancements in technology support and get a firm grip over our strategies. We must stop blaming Pakistan for our tragedies, our short falls and our mistakes. Of course they are going to disagree to our allegations, they will not commit to our demands and they definitely will not owe up to their shortfalls no matter what the evidence. We have to get a grip over our internal circumstances. The diplomatic blame game must stop at this very instance. It is doing us no good. In the given circumstances, we would be better off if we divert our attention towards getting our security cover up to the bet.


Finally, for the citizen drive we are seeing. It has to stop. All we are doing is giving suggestions which I am sure no one is applying. The high-horse situation must discontinue at the very instance. All we can do is ACT! That is the focal point. How, when and where is the question. I mean, we are perpetually in a slumber. No offence but every writer seems to be one among us, still sleeping.


A suggestion. Let’s just get our lives right, personally advocate changes in yourself. Do the little things that matter, like switching off lights when not needed, saving water, not littering, take safety measures in our driving methods, not giving aid to corruption even if we have to stand in the line for another few hours or have to jump through loops to get our work done, giving back to the important charities, paying our taxes and being honest in our own lives.


Michael Johnson once said- You can practice throwing the ball in to the basket for years, but if you employ the wrong method then no matter the hours you are doing it wrong.


That’s what is happening to us. We want to do the right things but end up trying to do them in the wrong way. So let us set our lives the right way……… We all believe in bringing revolutions but we don’t realise revolution begins first within oneself. The revolutions are not manufactured, they are not created by conceited efforts, it just happens when a lot of people sub consciously act the right way for the others to follow.


Sayan Das

[Image source:http://farm1.static.flickr.com/46/148111309_cd87089433.jpg]