Let The 4G Wave Begin?

#RelianceJioReliance Industries is known for its ability to conceive and execute projects on a grand scale, its capacity to disrupt the existing scheme of things in whichever industry it enters and its knack of deploying the latest technology to score over the incumbents. The company has exhibited these traits in petrochemicals, oil refining, cellular telephony and retail. Their projects have been consumer friendly, both in quality and with the monetary aspect of it as well.

His streak towards revolution is showcased again with his new telecom business. Jio, encompasses within itself the idea of Digital India that Narendra Modi is viciously following. It’s a dream to make this world a more tech-savy place, whether it’s a boon or not, time will only tell. But for now, it is turning out to be the only telecom regulator aiming to provide the best to the people, making sure they don’t need any other telecom regulator. They are unabashedly aiming for monopoly, and something they might get rewarded with.

The scale will come from a national footprint covering 18,000 towns and 2 lakh villages to start with, which will go up to cover 90 per cent of the population by March next. Jio will deploy the latest voice-over-LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology and its backbone and network will be compatible up to 6G and beyond, for data and not just voice. With its plans to sell data at a fifth of existing prices and offer voice calls free, Jio will definitely disrupt the status quo in the industry. Reliance Jio’s enters with disruptive offers of free voice calls, roaming and possibly the world’s cheapest data plans.

If nothing else, everyone needs a good 4g connection, and Jio isn’t failing to provide it, a quick look at its plan will prove the same.

Considering that the company has invested at least $20 billion in this business in the last few years, and given its tariff plans, it is clear that Reliance will not be making money on Jio at least for the next few years. It appears set for the long haul. With an ambitious plan, they are planning to have consumers for life, and if the connectivity doesn’t falter, they would end up achieving that.

However, Jio plans have already created quite a stir in the market, with Airtel offering at least 20% lower tariff for post-paid customers in the Rs 999 package, apart from nearly 33% enhanced data value and Vodafone revising tariffs on its plans which are above Rs 1,499. They all are threatened and rightly so.

The benchmark set is so stunning and it is hoped that in the process quality does not take a backseat lest quality conscious providers would be killed. Reliance known for her name, fame and size can withstand upheavals but not all the present competitors. The entry is revolutionary, as long as it promotes competition but if it stifles growth and throws out players from business, it is unsustainable and untenable.

With Narendra Modi branding it, it is undoubtable that Jio is all set to create disruptions in the market of regulators, and hamper the status quo of other companies, who have no option left but to be vigilant. A great challenge has been thrown via the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani, but as far as we are concerned, we all can just sit back and relax as we would be lured and wanted and thwarted by many to not go for Jio. It’s a rarity that customers aren’t looted.

Let us just bask in the glory, yes, we indeed are special if not to anyone else, but to these telecom companies. So, let the games and the freebies begin!

Yugansha Malhotra

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