Let us be more Positive!!!

Most of us start our morning with, barring the compulsory natural deeds and facebook-ing – news papers or news channels. Since the vernacular news medium is not in fashion among the educated class, so let’s discount that medium and talk of the more sophisticated English medium of news supply, I stress on supply.

You keep flipping through the news paper’s pages or switching through the news channels, all you come across are scams, wrong doings, inefficiencies, cynical criticism, arrogant dismissing of things around and what all are wrong around us. Articles after articles, shows after shows, all you read or listen to is that everything is in a mess around us. The highly prudent, intelligent, knowledgeable eloquent and learned individuals are opinionating and predicting that things are heading for a disaster, functionary has failed, crumbled as if the world will stop ceasing in the next hour and life will be lost in the phalanx of disaster. All it does, it inadvertently fills my thought with pessimism and cynicism. A morning, which should have started on optimism and hope for a better day ahead, starts on a dismissive attitude for the things around me and a lack of ownership of my responsibility. All we manage every morning is to say “Kuch nahi ho sakta”. Damn your negativity. Didn’t we deserve something positive than the beautiful recitation of the prologue of a scam story by Mr. Anurab Gowsami and the mannered debating jeer of Mr. Tiwari’s “Please allow me”.

Why can’t we get to start our day with a success story of a moderate businessman, or an actor or writer or an educationist or a serviceman? It need not always have to be a romanticizing story of ‘rags to riches’ or exceptionally successful stories. It can be a success story of a mere commoner or a story of a small cause. Why can’t the main paper or prime time shows be more about success and optimism? Why can’t we dedicate supplements to corruption and wrong doings? Let us start our morning with optimism and let us retire our nights with hope of waking up to a better tomorrow.

Ankesh Saha

The author is an Electronics Engineer by education, graduated from National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur. Born and brought up near suburb of Kolkata, he did his schooling there and played district level club cricket. Also involved with theater as child artist, he is currently working as a software engineer in Bangalore. A wandering soul, he wants to experiment with his life.