Let Us Take A Much Needed Stroll Down The Memory Lane

Cartoon-NetworkFew days ago, finding myself unable to sleep till 3am, I sought my refuge in the idiot box. Well, for every night owlers out there, we are aware that no good can come on television at such late hour. Surfing, I found my recluse, surfing I was filled with nostalgia, and all my childhood memories came rushing in front of my eyes. Yes, I saw Johny Bravo, remember the flamboyant character who blessed us with cheesy pick up lines?

Watching that cartoon, I observed that the kids of today would have no clue how fun and creative and inspirational the cartoons of 90s were. It was indeed our daily does of entertainment, the one thing that made us rush home after school, oh the bliss. Cartoon Network was a paradise for us millennials, where our dreams came true and our imagination was put to peace.

From the Flinstones living in Stone Age to the eccentric Jetson from the space, the concepts intrigued us and propelled our creative minds into making. From the ever-so-cute Pingu to the cowardly dog Courage, the shows forayed our initial inclination to animals.


With Powerpuff Girls we learned the importance of always fighting against the evil and not underestimating ourselves, while with Popeye we learned to move over our aversion towards spinach, he turned out to be a role model and made us derive some adorable and chivalrous boyfriend goals.

With Dexter’s Laboratory we realised that it is actually cool to be a nerd, whereas with the Mask we knew how to cultivate and accept the craziness in us. Before Taylor Swift, it was Scooby Doo and Co. that gave us squad goals. The never ending mysteries and the chemistry of Shaggy and Scooby kept us enthralled all the while.

Then came along the musical cartoons whose USP lied in their changing and quite aptly structured songs, when Oswald was there to drive our blues away and always noddable Noddy to keep us entertained,  the memory of an uneventful day at school would  always vanish.


We relished Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Swat Kats, Ed, Edd and Eddy. Nothing else in the world mattered. It was us with these cartoons, cartoons that define us now, cartoons which inspired us and cartoons which eventually made us initiate friendships. Cartoon Network managed to make our childhood memorable.

There are a lot of cartoons now, but then nothing beats the essence and exclusivity of these classic cartoons. No matter Shin Chan, Doraemon or any other cartoon, nothing can beat the old age effervescent cartoons, because they indeed were sugar, spice and everything nice.

Yugansha Malhotra




The Viewspaper