Letter to the Terrorist

Dear Terrorist,

I don’t know a salutation which would be apt for you. So I’ll refrain myself from using it, since I could hurt a sentiment there, by using one which you don’t think is appropriate. I don’t know if you are a Mr or a Ms, either, so again I am in a doubt, how to address you.

Anyway, you rocked us once again. Don’t you ever get tired of playing the same game? See, India doesn’t really have the time or the energy to cry over her dead. We’ll move on, like we always have. Whether it is Bollywood, or real life, the show goes on! After all, we’re a developing country and we have so many important things to do and issues to resolve. How do you expect that something as common as a bomb blast would make us halt our crazy daily routines. You misjudged us. At least, you should have got your facts straight, before striking us again. It will go waste, I tell you.

But indeed it is sad and disgusting that our so called governments will never act, and your fireworks, would go un-noticed. So much for the thirst of innocent blood and all you get is a few remarks from our ministers ‘condemning your acts’ and unadulterated media coverage for just two days, about the spirit of India? You can get media coverage in India cheaper than that. All you would have to do is fall into a pit, no one has fallen before, or even easier, start a rally without even a cause and you would be showered with limelight like never before.

This is not done. India has been so unfair to you. You know, all those special series aired on our News Channels, about the undying spirit of India might just be the re-runs of the same program with a little bit of editing,(Changing the date, place, time, no of injured and dead – in that order. That is how little importance we give to the departed souls) because, no one really notices or even gives a damn. We don’t care. We really don’t. You put in so much effort, but you don’t even get a proper special edition program by our News channels. How unreasonable is that?

You created history in USA. And they hunt down the so called symbol of terrorism and create another history. What if it took almost a decade? But you high-jack planes, plant bomb after bomb in India and nothing happens. This is because we are a peace loving nation, very fond of Gandhigiri.(If you know, what I mean) We even treat your fellow terrorists in our prisons with biryanis and kebabs until you make our people hostage and demand to let them free. Till then, your people are our people. We treat them like guests because we are the preachers of Atithi Devo Bhava. So, till the time they are with us, they are actually safer than Indians themselves. Can you beat that?

So, I humbly suggest you to try something else now. You have been attempting the age old terror technique since many years. I agree, we were shocked and shattered when it all started. There was a chance, that your holy cause could have gotten a meaning and life that time. But, now it is too late. We, as a nation have become immune to terror strikes. Have you heard of the ‘Survival of the Fittest Theory’?

Maybe you have not. That could be one of the reasons that you have not changed, but the people of India have adopted adapted themselves, to your ways. We know that you exist, among us, with us, between us. And we have accepted that fact gracefully. And accepting the presence of something might just be the first step in the direction of removing it entirely. So, what if have taken just a single step?

I don’t know how you work. But don’t you think it has been too long that you have been trying to prove something, and it has been falling into deaf ears? Maybe, just maybe, your technique is wrong. What is the harm in thinking over it? Sometimes, a second thought can do wonders.

I am not really sure about others, but in India we have elected, corrupt, members of our Parliament, who can teach you the way they work by using the age old barter system. Who knows what all you can gain from the ancient mantra! It could be a little less effort, and a little more result oriented, you see. After all, I am sure even you can’t deny that our ministers are making hay, even when the sun doesn’t shine on them.

So, think about it. Who knows a chance in strategy might work wonders for you!

Mango Man of India.

Akanksha Dureja

A software engineer, a realist, and a cribber by the day. A chef, a writer, and a dreamer, by the night!