LG PC Suite

Lg pc suite is one of the latest software’s developed by LGE that is used by thousands of users of software informer. There are two versions that are mainly used across the different lg mobiles and lg computers being the 1.0 and 2.0 versions. The various programmable executable files that come with this software are Image Editor.exe, Exe Launcher.exe, Launch Application.exe, LG PC Suite Launcher_Setup.exe, LG PC Suite Launcher, LG PC Suite lll.exe, LG Mobile Sync Launcher.exe and rundll32.exe. Even though right now some parts of this software is still being reviewed, many people have already using it for their phones and computers.

The installation of the LG pc suite requires some work from the operator and needs to keep a few things in check the main thing being that the computer needs to be free of viruses. There are cases where a specific LG PC suite does not detect a phone or is not compatible with a specific make of an lg phone. For that LGE has come out with many different software’s which ensure that all the phones are equally efficient and delivers the maximum. Software’s such as LG PC suite cu920, LG PC suite vista, LG PC suite cu720, LG PC suite ku990 etc covers up almost all files and programs required to operate a computer.

The LG phone manager is a software designed to help people to manage and organize various multimedia files such as pictures, videos, messaging, contacts and speed dials etc.

There are a lot sites which provide free download of the LG PC suite, but it is always advised to buy the software from a genuine LG site as it guarantees genuine software’s and unlike the pirated software’s would not result in corrupting your phone or getting corrupted all by itself which leads to a lot of hassles.