Life – A Mystery to be Solved

Life…a simple word, yet so complex at times. Why do we all fail to understand the meaning of our life; to find the reason for our existence? We are so deeply involved in the mundane activities that we are left with no time for ourselves.

Though, most of us are concerned with only ourselves, it has nothing to do with the understanding of our souls; of our inner self. Hitherto we are interested only in the money making business. By hook or by crook, we want to emerge as a tycoon. Isn’t it?

Be it as an industrialist, as an engineer or as a model. Even the doctors and the police force are not concerned with the welfare of people around. People say Love is blind, but what about Money? It can actually make us do anything! Be it the murder of our loved ones just for a property which we anyways can’t take away with us or be it any sort of other offence. We fail to understand that we had come empty-handed and will also go empty- hand.

Returning to the very beginning; the purpose of our life. I am sure 99.99% of us do not know what it is. Though some of us would have tried to find the answer to the biggest question of our lives, but due to the distractions all around, would have failed to do so. I appreciate your efforts, though! But does my appreciation really matter? No, not at all. It is finally the decision and the appreciation by God, that affects our lives.

I am not asking you to become a saint or something like that, it is just that every being has been given a life to fulfil a goal; something which God thought only we can do and no one else. So it becomes our utmost duty to figure it out and fulfil it. Just 30 minutes out of our busy schedule can bring us closer to our soul; and closer to God. We just need to talk to ourselves and question ourselves, just like we do it with our friends or our colleagues.

Life as a human, is the most beautiful gift of all times. It is an opportunity to get rid of the birth cycle; attain salvation and enter a divine and a whole new dimension. I am sure it would be a wonderful experience. As a kid, we all might have thought of this, wondered what it is; but as an adult we are getting farther and farther from it.

We are concerned with only our careers, love and our family, depending on our priorities in life. But in the long run, what matters is whether we have been able to accomplish that goal of ours. And that can only happen, once we realize it.

Just wonder if you were born as a lion, as a dog, or an ant for that matter. Life would have been a whole different affair. Then why can’t we cherish the fact that god has given us an opportunity to belong to the human race? Just think…the answer lies within you!

Jayanti Bhatia

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