Life and Cricket

Is cricket just a game?
Is it just a battle of 2 teams?
Confined in its 22 yards of action?
Is it just the clash between wood and leather?
And their relative dominance?
Cricket is the answer to a few skeptical minds…
Is it just that the bowlers appeal for justice?
Or is it fair when the batsman stands his ground?
And mind games are played?
When bowlers pause with disgrace,
And the battle heats up!
Isn’t this a depiction of life?
The struggle for existence –
And the battle of supremacy?
Life is an encounter;
An encounter for pride, an encounter for authority-
One lapse in concentration;
And you are out of contention!!
Life is unpredictable:
Life is capricious-
In resemblance to cricket!
But life lacks in an action replay;
Life doesn’t give a second chance!
Here you are the sole umpire:
Your actions work here;
It’s not destiny that you believe in:
Believing in destiny turns a man weak;
So just don’t speculate, go and do it!!
Don’t rush unnecessarily leading to a “run-out”!!
Don’t pre-determine and get “stumped”!!
Don’t behave too aggressive and get “caught”!!
Don’t miss your goal and get “bowled”!!
Don’t step on your foot and get “caught before the wicket”!!
Don’t over-improvise and hit your own “stumps”!!
Grasp the slightest of opportunity “on the field”!!
Never hesitate to ask questions!!
And finally, don’t depend on anybody –
Do it yourself!!
“Play fair”,
And the World Cup will be yours!!!
This is life, this is CRICKET.

Sammya Brata Mullick

*This piece has been selected as a Winning Entry for the ‘Viewspaper Cricket and Passion Writing Competition’*