Life and Its Philosophy

A strange eventful journey it is

with little happiness and some strife.

For some a bed of roses,

for others a thorny path,

but what to say?

This is life.

It all starts with a frivolous cry

then life is warm by mother’s side…

But once life grows,

grows agony and pain,

sufferings and virtue one must abide.

So many faces floating around,

tough it is to say who is good or bad,

cause nice and sweet they all sound…

But who knows behind the beauty lies

what beast, after all,

even fungi grow in a beautiful way.

In front they smile, stab you in the back,

what’s cooking behind the curtain?

you can never say.

But wait there’s still some hope,

not everyone,

not everyone is bad.

Men of flesh and blood are there

to bring smiles

on the faces of the sad.

Dreams do get washed away,

but they are built up with love and care


because for everyone Almighty has made,

someone else to love and care.

Battles happen but they do end,

after all there’s sunshine after every rain…

Times comes when joys are unchained,

despairs locked.

You fall in love and dream of it all over again,

but life is a battle that has to

be fought.

One man against an army,

to survive and to fight,

for what he thinks is right,

in a sea of emotions…

He has to dive

and in the bottomless ocean

continue to strive…

Ashish Verma